LLC members learn about Elon Forest.

Elon has a strong Learning Community program in which groups of students with a common academic major, program or interest reside in the same residential area and interact academically and socially with each other and with their faculty advisers.

The Sustainable Living Learning Community brings together students from any major who are interested in learning how to personally live in a manner that supports ecologically, socially and economically healthy environments and communities.  Members of the SLLC will:

  • Explore what it means to personally live sustainably
  • Share their own experiences of trying to live more sustainably
  • Learn about sustainability at Elon and in the surrounding area

SLLC members reside in Colonnades, Kivette.

SLLC Highlights

“The Sustainability LLC provides students with the opportunity to engage in conversations surrounding sustainable habits, and to find ways to implement these habits in their lives at Elon and beyond. In the LLC, students get the chance to meet other individuals who are also excited about sustainability, and to participate in fun activities, such as hiking local trails and cooking vegan meals.”    – Taylor McFadden ’20

Off-campus experiences may include a trip to: a local farm, recycling facility, a local lake to participate in a clean-up, the landfill, or a hike in a nearby park, etc. On-campus experiences may include sustainable crafting with the Maker Hub, making sustainable room spray, and more!

More Information

To learn more, visit the Residential Learning Communities website.