Several departments offer courses that cover sustainability-related topics ranging from development and ecology to global environmental change. The below list is based on courses in the 22-23 Academic Catalog, courses offered in the 22-23 academic year, data collected in spring 2023 through an online form completed by faculty and the STARS v2.2 course criteria. It is also meant to serve as a guide for students interested in sustainability issues. This may not be an all inclusive list as new courses are continually added.

Keep in mind that the semester in which a course is offered is subject to change and some courses are offered every other year. Visit the Registrar’s website for current course offerings and more course details. Please let us know if there is a course that should be added to this list.

Faculty interested in incorporating or enhancing a focus on sustainable principles and practices in their courses should consider applying to the Sustainability Faculty Scholars program.


This list is organized by subject or discipline.


ANT 1120 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 1130 Human Evolution and Adaptation
ANT 1140 Introduction to Archaeology
ANT 3850 Culture and Business


ART 1140 Time Arts
ART 3390 Eco Art*


BIO 1064 Biology: The Science of Life
BIO 2512 Introductory Population Biology
BIO 3104 Biotechnology
BIO 3642 Field Biology
BIO 3650 Toxicology
BIO 3701 Conservation Biology^


BUS 1110 Gateway to Business
BUS 2210 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BUS 4970 Strategic Management


CHM 1310 Culinary Transformations: The Science Behind What’s Cooking
CHM 3050 Environmental Chemistry
CHM 3410 Inorganic Chemistry *
CHM 4970 Senior Seminar in Chemistry

Cinema & Television Arts

CTA 3550 The Documentary


COM 3310 Environmental Communications

Core Curriculum

COR 3070 The Future Now *
COR 3120 Teaching and Learning Financial Literacy
COR 3140 Plants and Civilization
COR 3310 Wilderness and Adventure Therapy
COR 3370 Sustainable Seas: Envisioning a New Future for Earth’s Oceans
COR 3390 Exploring Mathematical Thinking and Access *
COR 3540 The Moral Limits of Markets
COR 3610 Ecology and Economics in a Globalized World ^
COR 3930 Ordinary People in the Struggle for Change *
COR 3990 Environmental Issues in Southeast Asia * (ENS 3100)
COR 4040 Africans and African Development *
COR 4050 Prison Nation: Deconstructing the Prison Industrial Complex
COR 4160 Wealth and Poverty *
COR 4240 Nature Awareness *
COR 4290 Permaculture: Food, Culture and Sustainability
COR 4300 Food and the Environment *
COR 4320 To Boldly Belong: Space Exploration and Environmentalism as Sustainable Quests
COR 4410 Science and Humanity – War, Peace and Prosperity *
COR 4430 Poverty and Social Justice
COR 4450 Global Partnership through Service
COR 4540 Diversity and Social Justice: Building Cultural Competency
COR 4550 Sustainable Development: Social, Economic, and Environment+4al Challenges and Opportunities
COR 4560 Realistic Environmental Solutions


ECO 3230 Environmental Economics *
ECO 3231 Markets and Environmental Justice *
ECO 3410 Gender and Development *


EDU 4310 Environmental Education
EDU 4640 Garden-Based Learning

Elon College Fellows

ECF 212 Elon College Fellows Sophomore Seminar


EGR 2260 Structure and Properties of Materials
EGR 3540 Hydrology


ENG 3330 American Environmental Writers


ENT 2500 Creativity and the Doer/Maker Mindset
ENT 3400 Entrepreneurial Finance
ENT 3550 Entrepreneurship for the Greater Good
ENT 4600 Bringing the Venture to Life

Environmental Studies

ENS 1010 Current Issues in Environmental Science
ENS 1020 Journey to Sustainability *
ENS 1030 Animal Social Behavior in a Changing World
ENS 1040 Issues in Animal Conservation *
ENS 1100 Humans and Nature
ENS 1110/1130 Introduction to Environmental Science w/ Lab
ENS 1200 Community Agriculture: Fall Harvest
ENS 1210 Community Agriculture: Spring Planting
ENS 1600 The Art of Sustainable Architecture
ENS 1730 Environmental Science in Movies ^
ENS 2000 Strategies for Environmental Inquiry
ENS 2200 Garden Studio: Fall and Winter Gardening
ENS 2210 Garden Studio: Spring and Summer Gardening
ENS 2320 Solar Greenhouse and Fourth Season Harvest *
ENS 2420 Environmental Land Use Management *
ENS 2440 Natural Resources Management and Sustainability *
ENS 3100 Environmental Issues in Southeast Asia * (COR 3990)
ENS 3110 Sustainable Food Production
ENS 3140 Agroecology
ENS 3200 Restoration Ecology *
ENS 3210 Urban Ecology *
ENS 3310 Biogeography and Conservation
ENS 3400 Water Resources Management * (GEO 3400)
ENS 3500 Environmental Visions *
ENS 3600 Green Design: Envisioning a Sustainable Future *
ENS 3660 Sustainable Design Technologies
ENS 4970 Senior Seminar: Environmental Assessment and Project Development


FIN 4130 Advanced Managerial Finance
FIN 4973 Blockchain and Emerging Financial Technologies ^


GEO 1210 Global Physical Environments *
GEO 1310 The World’s Regions
GEO 3100 Development and the Environment in Latin America, Africa and Asia *
GEO 3400 Water Resources Management * (ENS 3400)
GEO 3450 Global Environmental Change
GEO 3460 Natural Disasters

Global Education

GBL 2030 Miami, Florida: Ecology, Conservation and Sustainability *
GBL 2300 The Call of South Africa *
GBL 2310 Peru: The Living Heritage of the Andes *
GBL 2450 Barbados: Culture, Politics and Society
GBL 2520 Costa Rica: Language, Culture, and Ecotourism
GBL 2530 Australia: Ecotourism in Australia *
GBL 2550 Elon in Alaska *
GBL 2660 Critically Engaged Eco-Tourism in New Zealand
GBL 2680 Costa Rica Unplugged: Sustainable Ecotourism *

Human Service Studies

HSS 3110 Social Policy and Inequality
HSS 3500 International Human Services *
HSS 3981 Practicum Away: Theory and Practice of Human Service Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

IDS 1640 Service Learning and Communities *
IDS 2240 Disarming Injustice: Nonviolence and the Civil Rights Movement
IDS 2250 Periclean Scholars

International Business

INB 2500 Introduction to International Business


MGT 3230 Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior
MGT 4210 HRM: Staffing of Organizations
MGT 4240 International Business Strategy *


MKT 4160 Global Marketing

Periclean Scholars

PER 2520 Sophomore Periclean Scholars
PER 3510/3520 Junior Periclean Scholars
PER 4510/4520 Senior Periclean Scholars


PHL 1120 How Should We Live?
PHL 2120 Ethical Practice
PHL 3340 Politcal Philosophy
PHL 3450 Sex, Gender, Power
PHL 3460 Philosophy of the Body *
PHL 3480 Environmental Ethics (REL 3480)
PHL 3630 Rap, Race, Gender and Philosophy *
PHL 3770 Health and Social Justice *


PHY 1100 Energy and the Environment

Political Science & Policy Studies

POL 3480 International Human Rights *
POL 3701 Environmental Security ^
POL 3920 Contemporary Global Issues ^
PST 3200 Food Policy *
PST 3240 Environmental Policy
PST 3440 International Environmental Policy *

Public Health Studies

PHS 2010 Introduction to Public Health
PHS 3020 Global Health

Religious Studies

REL 2390 Judaism and the Environment *
REL 3480 Environmental Ethics (PHL 3480)


SCI 1210 Science without Borders
SCI 1260 Journey through Time


SOC 1110 Introductory Sociology
SOC 2200 Social Issues and Problems in the Local Community *
SOC 3110 Sociology of Families
SOC 3340 Environmental Sociology
SOC 3410 Ethnic and Race Relations *
SOC 3720 Global Social Problems ^
SOC 3750 Black Lives Matter: Addressing ^

Sport Management

SPT 2260 Facility and Venue Management
SPT 3510 Sport Marketing


Wellness and Health Education

WHE 2300 Perspectives in Health Promotion: Foundations to Function *
WHE 2850 Perspectives in Personal and Global Health


This list is organized by graduate program.

Education (MED)

MED 7120 Global Issues in Education

Higher Education (MHE)

MHE 7310 Diversity and Social Justice

Interactive Media (M.A.)

IME 6700  Interactive Project for the Public Good

Law (J.D.)

LAW 6300 Criminal Law
LAW 7360 Cause Lawyering *
LAW 7680 Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic
LAW 8410 Environmental Law
LAW 8580 Food & Agricultural Law & Policy (Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law)
LAW 8680 Gender and the Law

Physical Therapy (DPT)

DPT 6000 Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care
DPT 7150 Geriatric Health and Wellness

Physician Assistant Studies (M.S.)

PAS 6400 Special Populations

* Indicates a course in the 22-23 Academic Catalog but not offered in the 22-23 academic year. These are not included in the STARS report.

^ Indicates a course offered in the 22-23 academic year but not in the 22-23 Academic Catalog. These are included in the STARS report.

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