Elon University’s Environmental Advisory Council is a standing Council of faculty, students and staff whose members are appointed by the President. Members typically serve a two-year term. The role of the Council is to raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainable practices and promote environmental awareness. The Council may make recommendations to the President on new sustainability initiatives to undertake or improvements to current initiatives.

Guiding Documents

The 2015 Sustainability Master Plan was developed by the Office of Sustainability and 2014-2015 Environmental Advisory Council. The updated plan builds upon the successes of the initial plan and focuses on the next 10 years.

The initial Sustainability Master Plan was completed in 2007 by the Environmental Advisory Council at the request of President Lambert. It identifies campus practices already in place that were reducing Elon’s environmental impact and lists several recommendations to expand Elon’s efforts.

Council Members

Elaine Durr, Senior Director of Sustainability, is Chair of the Council.


Student Representatives

Valentina Echavarría

Class of 2024




Genevieve Nichols

Class of 2025