A number of faculty are engaged in sustainability research (based on STARS v2.2).

Sustainability research is research and scholarship that explicitly addresses the concept of sustainability, furthers our understanding of the interdependence of ecological and social/economic systems, or has a primary and explicit focus on a major sustainability challenge.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals illustrate the breadth of sustainability and major sustainability challenges.

This list is meant to serve as a guide for students interested in doing sustainability research while at Elon. It is organized by academic department. This may not be an all inclusive list. Please let us know if someone should be added to the list.


Hani Tadros


Samantha DiRosa


David Vandermast

Linda Niedziela

Brant Touchette

Mike Kingston


Anthony Rizzuto

Jen Dabrowski

Justin Clar

Karl Sienerth




Cinema & Television Arts

Doug Kass

Communication Design

Brian Walsh ‡


Brooks Depro ‡

Casey DiRienzo

Steve DeLoach

Tina Das

Education & Wellness

Katie Baker

Scott Morrison



Cassie Kircher

Dan Burns

Environmental Studies

Amanda Chunco

Kelsey Bitting

Robert Charest

Janet MacFall


Adam Aiken ‡

Raj Gupta ‡


History & Geography

Honglin Xiao

Ryan Kirk


Caroleen Dineen

Vanessa Zboreak

Management & Entrepreneurship

Brittany Mercado

Christy Benson

Elena Kennedy ‡

Rosey Bao

Carri Reisdorf


Lauren Guilmette

Physics & Engineering

Jonathan Su

Political Science & Policy Studies

Aaron Sparks


Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler

Religious Studies

Geoffrey Claussen

Toddie Peters


Sociology & Anthropology

Rissa Trachman

Robert Perdue


Sport Management

Young Do Kim

Strategic Communications

Barbara Gaither

‡ Indicates a faculty member who teaches in one of the graduate programs, in addition to undergraduate teaching.

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Sustainability Research Grants are available on a competitive basis for students who are or will be engaged in independent, faculty-mentored undergraduate research related to sustainability.