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Steve Friedland presents on innovation in legal education at Western Law

Elon Law professor Steve Friedland delivered a presentation titled "Redesigning Legal Education One Archetypal Structure at a Time," to the faculty of Western Law at The University of Western Ontario in Canada on March 3. Friedland directs the Center for Engaged Learning in the Law at Elon.

Steve Friedland

In his presentation, Friedland suggested the adoption of structural changes that could advance the legal education process in a competitive global legal environment. He offered goals that would modernize the process, from functional competencies to output-based engaged learning. The functional competencies
included understanding principles of law, professionalism, and practices that lead to success in the profession, such as detailed and strategic preparation and ethical advocacy, as well as skills in client communication, trial advocacy and civil procedure.

Friedland observed that a broader set of objectives, including teaching knowledge, process, skills and values, would result in a more effective and varied set of educational methodologies. These objectives would shift the current structural spotlight from inputs, such as coverage of material, to outputs and deliverables.

Friedland also detailed measures that could be used to evaluate educational processes at law schools, highlighting the value of prompt and recurring assessment and feedback from faculty to allow students to engage in self-regulated learning and active learning experiences, including simulation exercises, innovative questioning practices, and field-based experiences in legal settings outside of the classroom.

Friedland’s presentation was part of Western Law’s Faculty Seminar Series.

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Philip Craft,
3/28/2011 12:30 PM