Program Overview

The School of Education youth reading program wrapped up its fourth year with a shopping spree for books at Barnes & Noble.The Village Project recognized from the outset that each of our partners is an equal member contributing to the wholeness of the project. To that end, the project was designed to accomplish four major objectives:

  1. Encourage reading among children who struggle with reading and highlight their parents’ contributions to this endeavor.
  2. Underscore the function Schools of Education must undertake in shaping pre-service teachers’ views of children who struggle with reading and views of the parents of such students.
  3. Focus on the importance of community and the role universities can play in bridging the gap between institutions of higher learning and entities such as the local library.
  4. Involve the children’s public school teachers as vital stakeholders in the tutoring process. Struggling readers’ classroom teachers are included to ensure instructional congruence between the tutoring and the tutees’ classroom instruction.