The Village provides a rare opportunity where future teachers learn how to work with parents and guardians. This was my only experience working with adults during my undergrad at Elon. I learned that there are so many misconceptions about parents. They DO want to help their child become better readers, but they might lack the skills and knowledge to do so. It takes a lot of courage for these adults to sit with college students and learn just as their child does. The Village creates a circle of influence. If preservice teachers help struggling readers and their parents, then everyone wins.

Madelyn Pastrana

As a former tutor and now a teacher who continues to work with the Village, I have seen this program grow and work wonders for the kids involved. Not only is a bond created between tutor and student, but these tutors are getting parents excited about learning again. The tutors come up with amazing activities and games that are not only played at the session but are sent home and played at home as well. These students are making great gains in their learning and are continuing to come back again and again.

Bre Hawkinson