The gratitude from the parents is unbelievable. They are truly grateful for the village project. I love getting to know the families as well. We in the Village have become a family of our own,

Teacher 14, Survey Response

I love this program where kids learn by being engaged, and parents commit to work with their kids by learning how in the Village sessions, so they can be more effective supporting their kids’ schooling.

Teacher 12, Focus Group

I have spent the last three summers working the Village grades 1, 2, and 4. I have tutored or supervised tutors during the spring and fall sessions. I enjoy looking for creative ways to engage the students, and working to help educate the students.

Teacher 5, Survey Response

I enjoy the freedom to teach the way I want to. There is so much more hands on learning opportunities in the Village, and it makes it so much easier to implement the theme or topics across all subject areas.

Teacher 14, Survey Response