Cherise Armour ’09 is a Psychology major with an additional minot in Business Administration.

Michael Blake ’09 is a Music Education major. In addition to taking courses in African-American literature and history, he plans to study abroad in South Africa in January 2008.

Christopher M. Briggs ’09 is pursuing a major in Philosophy. In addition to taking courses in African-American literature, he has also taken courses on race in American politics and he politics of Africa.

Alison Brooks ’09 is undecided. Her family hails from Barbados and she is interested in learning more about the history and culture of Africa and the African diaspora.

Tiffany E. Carter ’09 is a Business Administration major with an additional minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. She has studied the history of the Civil Rights Movement and will take a course in African-American drama in fall 2007.

Jessica Henson ’09 is an International studies major with minors in French and Anthropology. A member of the Periclean class of 2009, whose focus is the land mine problems in Angola, Jessica has spent a semester studying abroad in Senegal and has also taken an online sociology course on the global impact of AIDS.

Christine Mallia ’09 is a Broadcast Communications major. She has taken a General Studies course related to the culture of Egypt.

Maggie Zimmerman ’09 is an International Studies major with an additional minor in Geography. A member of the Periclean class of 2009 focusing on the study of Angola, Maggie also plans on studying abroad in Kenya through the University of Minnesota. She was enrolled in the SCALI program in summer 2007 which involved intensive language training in Swahili to help prepare her for her planned experience in Kenya.