All interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Aaron Sparks at

Students will enroll in POL/PST 4999 undergraduate research to get 1-2 credit hours for participation the lab each semester.

4999 credit will awarded in accordance with this draft syllabus. Individualized syllabi will be distributed upon enrollment.


All students who can commit at least a couple hours a week each semester are welcome to participate. Within that constraint student’s ability to contribute will vary. To get 4999 credit, the expectations outlined in the syllabus must be met. All students involved on each project will be listed as co-authors of conference presentations and are encouraged to attend and present. To be a co-author on work published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal students must contribute to at least one of the following aspects of the project: original writing, theory/hypothesis generation, instrument development, and/or data analysis (data cleaning/coding alone is not sufficient).

More information can be found in the Lab Handbook.