All students complete an internship after their Introduction to Poverty Studies course and before they complete their capstone. Internships allow you to earn between 0-4 credit hours. This internship can be fulfilled in the following ways:

Option 1: Semester Internship/Practicum*

Credits: 0 credit hours

Students in majors with a required internship or practicum (e.g., communications, education, human service studies) may use their existing required internship to fulfill this requirement. Students must select internship sites that are approved for the PSJ minor for these to count toward the minor.

* Required for major/approved for PSJ

Option 2: PSJ 481 – Poverty and Social Justice Semester Internship

Credits: 1-4 credit hours

Students may elect to take between 1-4 hours of internship credit during the fall, winter, spring, or summer semester in sites that are approved for the PSJ minor.