2018 Amica Elon Sales Challenge

Develop your sales skills. Build your resume. Compete for cash prizes.

The Chandler Family Professional Sales Center has partnered with Amica Mutual Insurance Company to offer the Amica Elon Sales Challenge, a professional selling competition for Elon students. The challenge is open to students of any major.

Amica is seeking the help of Elon University students to generate awareness of all Amica has to offer college graduates and to develop a campaign to market its Associate Adjuster position. In two-person teams, students are tasked to prepare a sales presentation document and record a role play in which one team member plays an Amica recruiter, who wants the other team member, who plays a prospective employee/college student, to apply for the Associate Adjuster position with Amica. No previous sales experience is needed.


First place: $1,300 in total ($650 per student)
Second place: $700 in total ($350 per student)

Applying and Timeframe

Elon University students work in teams of two. The competition is open to all Elon students. Each participating two-person team needs to register by October 10, 2018.


A phone conference with Amica employees will be scheduled after the application deadline, so that teams may ask questions and gather information needed for the deliverables. The project key deliverables (written sales presentation and recorded sales role play) are due on November 7, 2018. The sales document must be emailed to Alex Waddell, Amica claims supervisor. The Chandler Family Professional Sales Center will submit the recorded role play directly to Amica. A team from Amica will review the deliverables and select the winners.

Any questions can be directed to Nicole Filippo in the Love School of Business’ Office of the Dean.

Project Scope

The objective is for each two-person team to research and document Amica’s employer brand, including the promote-from-within culture. Students will prepare a sales presentation document to promote the Associate Adjuster position to college students, as well as a recorded role play (one team member plays an Amica recruiter and the other team member is a college student who is considering applying for the Associate Adjuster position).

In order to help teams come up with a fact-based role play, the following will be available to participants:

  • Scheduled phone interviews with members of the Amica team who started their career as an Associate Adjuster
  • Access to potential career paths and opportunities available to new college hires
  • Detailed outline of Amica’s Future Leaders Program
  • Descriptions for the Associate Adjuster position
  • Promotional videos for Associate Adjusters

Faculty Consultant

Participating teams will be assigned a consultant, who is an Elon faculty member. Consultants can advise and provide feedback, but teams have to prepare their own presentations and practice their role plays before the final and recorded role play.

The Amica Elon Sales Challenge was a great opportunity for me to apply what I was learning in my sales courses in a real life context. The challenge encompassed all of the topics that I had been exposed to through my coursework at Elon and competing in it was a great way to bring that all together and gain valuable experience.

– Kristen Wrigley ’18

Key Deliverables

Key deliverables include a sales presentation document and a recorded role play. The messaging in the written presentation should be summarized in a 7 to 10-minute role play to be recorded and delivered to Amica representatives by November 7, 2018. Role plays will be scheduled through the Chandler Family Professional Sales Center and recorded in the center’s role play rooms located on the first floor in Sankey Hall. Teams submit the written presentation directly to Alex Waddell at Amica, while the recorded role play will be submitted directly by the sales center to Amica.

Presentations will be reviewed by the Amica team, and winners will be announced following the presentations. The Amica team reserves the right to interview participating teams before announcing winners. Rating criteria will be provided to assist students with key deliverables.

About Amica

Company: Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Headquarters: Lincoln, Rhode Island

Company Overview:

Established in 1907, Amica is the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the United States. Amica is a direct writer of personal insurance with auto, home, umbrella and marine coverages.

Amica has 3,700 employees nationwide and 44 offices throughout the country. We’re known in the insurance industry for our financial strength and exceptional customer service, and credit this success to our employees. We take pride in our promote-from-within culture, which supports growth and advancement of all employees. The company is consistently recognized as one of the best places to work in Rhode Island and has received numerous awards for its customer service to its policyholders.

Financial Ratings:

  • A+ (Superior) from A.M. Best Company*
  • Repeatedly recognized for exceptional service in auto and home insurance surveys by a leading consumer publication

*For the latest rating, access ambest.com.

Financial Strength:

Assets as of Dec. 31, 2017 – $5.4 billion
Policy counts as of Dec. 31, 2017 – 1.6 million


The insurance industry will have significant staffing challenges in the near future. The industry has an aging workforce, and thousands of employees will be approaching retirement over the next several years. Due to limited brand awareness, many college students will approach graduation with little knowledge of the opportunities within the industry.

While Amica is a leader in the industry, we share some of the same challenges. Our workforce, which is our competitive advantage, is aging. A significant number of our employees will be eligible for retirement in the next three to five years. The need to better brand ourselves as a place to start and build a career is extremely important.

Amica has a long-standing history of cultivating a promote-from-within culture that provides many opportunities for participants in our Future Leaders Program. However, many job seekers in college are unaware of the openings available at Amica. We need to amplify our opportunities for employment, development and advancement to the college audience, specifically in our core recruiting schools. We’re seeking the help of Elon University students to generate awareness of all Amica has to offer college graduates and to develop a campaign to market the Associate Adjuster position.

Judging Criteria – Video (50% overall)

Approach (5%)

  • Professional introduction
  • Salesperson (individual playing recruiter) gains candidate’s attention
  • Effectively builds rapport
  • Smooth transition into needs identification

Needs Identification (25%)

  • Uncovers decision process (decision criteria, what aspects are included in the student’s decision about applying for a job (ex. Open to relocation, only wants to apply for positions in NC, wants a position that relates to their major, etc.)
  • Effectively determines relevant facts about what the student is looking for in a career/company post-college
  • Effectively uncovers needs of the student that must be met in order for the student to be interested in applying for a position (ex. A position that will allow for intellectual challenges, advancement opportunities, etc.)
  • Gains pre-commitment to consider applying for the Future Leaders Program

Company/Position Presentation (25%)

  • Presents the positive aspects/benefits of the Future Leaders Program based on the needs of the candidate
  • A clear and convincing presentation the effectively explains the adjuster position
  • Effectively explains the leadership aspect of the adjuster role in the Future Leader’s Program

Overcoming Objections (15%)

  • Initially gains better understanding of concerns/objections candidate may have to applying for the Future Leaders Program adjuster position. Clarifies or allows candidate to clarify the objection.
  • Effectively answers the objection (ex. A student is interested in relocation but is concerned with the moving aspect; the recruiter explains Amica relocation package).
  • Confirms that the objection is no longer a concern of the candidate

Close (10%)

  • Persuasive in presenting a reason to apply for the Future Leaders Program

Communication Skills (15%)

  • Effective verbal communication skills (active listening; restated, rephrased, clarified, probed for better understanding)
  • Appropriate non-verbal communication
  • Verbiage (clear, concise, professional)

Overall (5%)

  • Recruiter enthusiasm and confidence
  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of Amica company culture

Judging Criteria –  Sales Presentation Document (50% overall)

  • Displays effective written communication that clearly explains Amica’s history and purpose
  • Explains Amica’s Future Leaders Program and the benefits for both the candidate and the company
  • Presents a clear understanding of the duties in the Associate Adjuster Position
  • Accurately explains Amica’s values and company culture
  • Outlines the benefits of working for Amica
  • Discusses Amica’s promote from within culture
  • Discusses the relocation requirement and its purpose

Please note it is not necessary to provide your video script in this portion.