International Business Electives

Regional Area Course Options

Take one course from any of these geographic regions, ideally tied to your language proficiency.


  • ARH 341 African Art
  • COR 404 Africans and African Development*
  • ENG 338 The African Experience in Literature
  • HST 313 Modern Africa


COR 333 Religion and Art of Asia*

ENG 337 Asian Literature of Social Change

HST 320 Fashion, Food and Fun: Material Culture in China and Japan

HST 321 China: Empire and Revolution, 1800-1948

PHL 352 Eastern Philosophy

POL 362 India and Pakistan

REL 356 Chinese “Religions” from Confucius to Mao

REL 357 Sages and Samurai: Religion in the Japanese Experience

REL 360 Hindu Goddesses: From Myths to Movies

REL 362 Hindu Textual Traditions: Sacrifices, Duty and Devotion


ARH 310 Art History in Florence (study abroad)

COR 302 Italian Cinema*

COR 357 Rome Since the Renaissance: Literature, Art and Cinema*

COR 380 Florence Italy*

ENG 368 Modern Italian Literature (study abroad)

ENG 325 Romanticism

ENG 326 Realism and the Later 19th Century

FRE 321 Reel Stories: Contemporary Topics through Film

FRE 327 Business Cultures of the Francophone World

FRE 352 Perspectives on Modern France

FRE 353 Perspectives on the Francophone World**

FRE 361 Defining Moments in French Civilization

GER 321 Between Empire and Nazism

GER 322 Germany During and After the Second World War

GER 323 Divided Germany, 1949-89

GER 324 Germany in the New Millennium

HST 326 Ancient Greece

HST 327 Ancient Rome

HST 338 Germany: War, Democracy and Hitler, 1914-1945

HST 339 A History of the Holocaust

HST 380 History of Contemporary Italy (study abroad)

ITL 321 Italian Conversation

POL 350 Italian Politics and Government (study abroad)

REL 472 Christians and Nazis

REL 384 Modern Jewish Thought

SPN 333 Defining moments in Spanish American Civilization

THE 320 The Italian Comedic Tradition**

Latin America

ANT 380 The Ancient Maya

ANT 388 Archaeology of the Maya, Aztec and their Ancestors

COR 334 Environmental Issues of Latin America*

COR 336 Costa Rica*

ENG 335 Latin American Literature and Culture

HST 351 History of Mexico

HST 353 Colonial Latin America

HST 354 Modern Latin America

POL 368 Latin American Politics

POL 369 US-Latin American Relations

SPN 315 Exploring Identity

SPN 316 Spanish Speaking Cultures through Film

SPN 330 Today’s Spanish Speaking World through Media

SPN 358 In Search of Identity

SPN 360 Voices of Identity through Spanish Phonetics

Middle East

COR 359 Media and the Middle East*

ENG 385 Middle Eastern Literature

HST 316 The Modern Middle East

PHL 350 The Spirit of Israel

POL 366 Middle East Politics

REL 363 Women in Islam: Veneration, Veils and Voices

REL 365 Jihad in Historical and Global Perspective


Global Politics and Society Course Options

Take one course from here.

  • COM 336 International Cinema
  • COM 330 International Communications
  • ENG 310 International Rhetorics (prerequisite: ENG110)
  • ENG 331 Advanced World Literature
  • GEO 310 Development and the Environment in Latin America, Africa and Asia
  • GEO 345 Global Environmental Change
  • HSS 350 International Human Services
  • HSS 351 Global Violence Against Women
  • HST 349 Slavery and Resistance
  • INT 370-379 Topics in International Studies
  • PHS 302 Global Health
  • POL 341 International Organizations
  • POL 342 U.S. Foreign Policy
  • POL 343 International Law
  • POL 344 International Environmental Policy
  • POL 345 International Terrorism
  • POL 346 International Security
  • POL 348 International Human Rights
  • POL 359 Political Communication
  • POL 362 India and Pakistan
  • POL 366 Middle East Politics
  • POL 369 U.S.-Latin American Relations
  • POL 379 International Political Economy
  • REL 358 Sites and Rites: Sacred Space and Ritual in World Religions
  • SOC 376 Being and Becoming a Global Citizen

*For students who are pursuing a double major OR for students who have already fulfilled the advanced studies requirement in the Elon Core, COR classes that have either a regional or global focus can be taken to fulfill the above requirements.

**Special topics course (not all sections will have this focus)