Next Enrollment Term: Fall 2026

The Interactive Media graduate program is currently conducting a market research study examining new concentrations, curriculum revisions, and new methods of delivery to meet and support the needs of today’s students. The program expects to enroll its next cohort in fall 2026, with applications opening Sept. 1, 2025. If you would like to stay informed about this graduate program’s development, please join our mailing list.


After completing the fall semester classes and exploring professional opportunities via the winter public good class, students are ready to design and produce their own major project. The capstone is a student-designed, faculty-mentored project that enables the student to dive deeply into a selected area of inquiry. From app prototypes to data visualizations, from digital brand strategies to VR learning experiences, the capstone project represents a focused application of the student’s understanding of interaction design, user research, project management, and media production.

Recent Capstone Projects

Screenshot of the CityGate Dream Center website

CityGate Dream Center

Mela Williams

Digital Marketing Strategy, User Interface Design

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Meg Boericke

Digital Strategy, Research
Two hands holding a smartphonephone and touching the UI.

Elon Together

Doo Lee

Instructional Design, User Interface Design

Ghost Notes

Ben Johnson

Audio Design, Game Design, Interactive Storytelling
Screenshot of the GoatGuides website

GoatGuides: Ecology 101

Sophie Natan

Infographics, Instructional Design, Motion Graphics
iDaily logo beside a phone showing the app on screen

iDaily: Personal Assistant App Prototype

Kwame Amponsah

Interaction Design, User Interface Design
Screenshot of the Lease on Life logo

Lease on Life

Katie Jostens

Game Design, JavaScript Development, User Interface Design
Hand holding a phone with the Locally Sourced app on the screen

Locally Sourced

Michael Hemstreet

Digital Marketing, Interaction Design, Interactive Video
Three phones with examples of the MásFit interface.


Ana Martinez

Motion Capture, Virtual Production
Various screenshots of the Relieve app prototype


Claudia Jensen

Interaction Design, User Interface Design
A laptop and two mobile phones under a wordmark for SafeSki.


Christy Marchand

Interaction Design, User Experience
Screenshot of app in Xcode


Zack Fertig

Game Design, Game Development, Interaction Design
Several cellphones open to different images on a blue background

Sport Creative Hub

Abby Lachance

Interaction Design, User Interface Design
Three cellphones are rotated around a pink background

The C-Word

Courtney Simmons

Interaction Design, User Experience

The Green Room

Olivia James

Branding, Visual Design, Web Design
A cheerleader smiles with the title Titles and Trophies laying over it

Titles and Trophies: The Dance Dilemma

Hana Sedivy

Multimedia Storytelling, Video Production
Screenshot of the Twenty Something Magazine website

Twenty Something Magazine

Kelly Dunville

Graphic Design, Interactive Storytelling, Motion Graphics