University Curriculum Committee, 2023-24

Matthew Buckmaster, Executive Director for the Elon Core Curriculum (Represented by Paula Patch while on sabbatical)

Patti Burns, At-Large Member from The College of Arts & Sciences (World Languages & Cultures), 2021-24

Rena Zito, The College of Arts & Sciences, Social Sciences (Social Science), 2022-25

Mina Garcia-Soormally, At-Large Faculty Member from the College of Arts & Sciences (World Languages & Cultures), 2021-24

Kim Shively, The College of Arts & Sciences, Fine Arts & Humanities (Performing Arts), 2022-25

Shaina Dabbs, School of Communications (Sports Management), 2023-26

Vickie Moore, Chair (non-voting member), 2021-24

Elisha Savchak-Trogdon, At-Large Faculty Member for the University (Political Science and Policy Studies), 2022-24

Matt Wittstein, The College of Arts & Sciences, Mathematics, Computing & Natural Sciences (Exercise Science), 2022-25

Sean McMahon, Love School of Business (Management and Entrepreneurship), 2023-26

Rodney Parks, Registrar / Robin Straka, Associate Registrar (non-voting member)

Jennifer Platania, Provost’s Designee, Associate Provost of Academic Affairs

Jacqueline Debrew, School of Health Sciences (Nursing), 2023-26

Joan Ruelle, Dean of the Carol Grotnes Belk Library (nonvoting member)

Jeffrey Carpenter, Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education (Education), 2023-26

Kathy Ziga, Director of Academic Advising (non-voting member)

Minutes by Renee Makin, Program Assistant, Office of the Provost

Meeting minutes are posted in SmartCatalog’s Curriculum Management System and subject to committee vote to approve at the next meeting. Minutes are unofficial until approved with any clarifications/corrections. For questions about minutes, please contact the committee chair.

School and Division Curriculum Committees

[Updates pending for 2021-22]

Arts and Humanities Curriculum Committee, 2020-21

Kristina Meinking, Classical Languages, World Languages & Cultures, Chair, 2020-21

Todd Coleman, Music, 2019-22

Mina Garcia Soormally (World Languages and Cultures), At-Large, 2019-2022

Barbara Gordon, English, 2018-21

Charles Johnson, Performing Arts, 2020-23

Shannon Lundeen, At-Large, 2020-23

Ariela Marcus-Sells, Religious Studies, 2019-2022

Shawn Tucker, Art, 2020-23

Gabie Smith, Dean, (without vote)

  • Up to nine members are elected to the committee. Each department in the Arts and Humanities appoints one member (totaling 7 appointed members), and two at-large members are elected by the Arts and Humanities faculty.
  • No department will have more than two members on the committee.
  • Terms are for three years, renewable without limit.
  •  If a department opts-out of representation, that line will revert to an at-large position for that academic year, elected by the Arts and Humanities faculty. The department that opts out reserves the right to have representation reinstated in any subsequent academic year.
  • Committee composition and terms revised 2016-2017.

Math and Natural Sciences Curriculum Committee, 2021-22

Richard Blackmon, Engineering

Robert Charest, Environmental Studies

Anthony Crider, Physics

Gregory Haenel, Biology

Aaron Piepmeier, Exercise Science

Kristen Mazur, Mathematics and Statistics

Dan Wright, Chemistry

Gabie Smith, Dean (without vote)

Scott Spurlock, Chair, Computer Science (Chair)

  • One member from each department (Biology, Chemistry, Computing Sciences, Engineering, Exercise Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics) is elected
  • Terms are for three years, renewable without limit.
  • Committee composition and terms revised September 2010.

Social Sciences Curriculum Committee, 2020-21

David Buck, Psychology

Vanessa Drew-Branch, Human Service Studies

Cindy Fair, Public Health Studies

Alexis Franzese, Sociology and Anthropology

Elisha Savchak-Trogdon, Political Science and Policy Studies (Chair)

Joel Shelton, International and Global Studies

Gabie Smith, Dean (without vote)

Honglin Xiao, History and Geography

  • Each department shall have one elected representative and each inter-disciplinary program shall have one elected representative that is not housed in the same department will have one representative; no more than two faculty from a single department may serve on the committee.
  • The terms are for one year, renewable without limit.
  • Committee composition and terms information last revised March 2013.

Love School of Business Curriculum Committee, 2020-21

Adam Aiken, Finance, 2019-21 (Chair)

Scott Hayward, Management, First Year, 2019-21

Bryan Lyons, MBA program, Ongoing

Timothy Norvell, Marketing, 2020-22

Vitaliy Strohush, Economics, 2020-22

Ifeoma Udeh, Accounting, Second Year, 2019-21

Jennifer Platania, Dean’s Representative (without vote)

  • One elected member from each department as well as a representative from the MBA program.
  • Terms are for two years.
  • Committee composition and terms information last revised September 2011.

School of Communications Curriculum Committee, 2021-22 & 2022-23

Rebecca Bagley, Communication Design, 2022-24

David Bockino, Sport Management 2021-23

Vic Costello, School Director for Core Curriculum (without vote)

Brooks Fuller, Journalism, Spring 2022

Derek Lackaff, Communications Design, 2020-22

Karen Lindsay, Strategic Communication, 2022-24

Alex Luchsinger, Journalism, 2021-23 [on leave, Spring 2022]

Staci Saltz, Cinema & TV Arts, 2021-23 (Chair)

Kathleen Stansberry, Analytics, 2021-23 [on leave, Spring 2022]

Jessalynn Strauss, Strategic Communications, 2020-22

Amanda Sturgill, iMedia/Journalism, 2020-22, 2022-24

Hal Vincent, Media Analytics/Strategic Communications, Spring 2022

Tony Weaver, Administrative Liaison (without vote)

Rochelle Ford, Dean / Naeemah Clark, Dean’s Designee (without vote)


  • Seven elected full-time teaching faculty members, with at least one member from each department and program.
  • Terms are for two years.
  • Ex officio participants (non-voting) include Julie Lellis, school director for core curriculum; and Don Grady, administrative liaison.
  • Revised August 2020

Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education Curriculum Committee, 2020-21

Katie Baker, Education,  2020-2023 (Chair)

Lynda Butler-Storsved, Wellness, 2021-24 and Chair-Elect (to begin as Chair, 2022-23)

Mary Knight-McKenna, Education, 2021-24

Heidi Hollingsworth, Education, 2020-2023 and Interim Chair for Spring 2022

Erica Thomas, Wellness, 2019-2022

Ann Bullock, Dean, without vote

Marna Winter, Department Chair, without vote

Debbie Perry, Program Assistant, without vote

  • Five elected representatives from Education and Wellness.
  • Terms are for three years.
  • Committee composition and terms information last revised August 2010.

School of Health Sciences Curriculum Committee, 2020-21

FJ Goodwin, Physical Therapy Education (2019-21), Chair (2020-21)

Beth Evans, Physical Therapy Education, 2019-21

Shaun Lynch, Physician Assistant Studies, 2020-22

Crystal Ramsey, Physical Therapy Education, 2019-21

Melissa Scales, Physical Therapy Education, 2020-22

Tracey Thurnes, Physician Assistant Studies, 2019-21

[ ] Physician Assistant Studies

Becky Neiduski, Dean (without vote)

  • Qualifications: The School of Health Sciences (SoHS) Curriculum Committee consists of seven members, with a minimum of two members from each department. All members will be full-time faculty with the SoHS.
  • Election: Individuals interested in serving may self-nominate or be nominated by colleagues. All members will be elected by the full-time faculty within the SoHS.
  • Terms: Elected individuals serve 2-year terms, with the ability to be elected for consecutive terms.
  • Chair: The Chair is elected from within the SoHS Curriculum Committee membership by the committee members. The Chair serves a 1-year term, and may do so during either the first or second year of their membership term. The Chair may be elected to consecutive terms.
  • Filling Vacancies: If an elected member is unable to fulfill their entire 2-year term, a replacement member will be elected to complete the remainder of the term, following the election process above.
  • This information last revised Spring 2019.

Elon Core Curriculum Council (ECCC), 2021-22

Damion Blake, CAS: Social and Behavioral Sciences, Political Science, 2019-22

Matthew Buckmaster, Executive Director of Elon Core Curriculum, ex officio (with vote)

Stephen Byrd, School of Education, Education, 2020-23

Geoffrey Claussen, CAS: Fine Arts & Humanities, 2019-22

Jessica Gisclair, At-Large Faculty Member, Strategic Communications, 2020-23

Sean McMahon, Love School of Business, Entrepreneurship, 2021-24

Paula Rosinski, Director, Writing Across the Curriculum, English, ex officio (with vote)

Laura Taylor, Chair, CAS: Mathematics & Statistics, 2019-22

Ally Went, At-Large Faculty Member, Music, 2021-24

Shannon Zenner, School of Communications, Communication Design, 2021-24


Global Education Curriculum Committee (GECC), 2021-22

Rosy Bao, Love School of Business, Management, 2019-22

Jeff Carpenter, Chair, Faculty Member from the School of Education, Education, 2020-2023

Tina Das, At-Large Teaching Faculty Member, Economics, 2020-2023

Nick Gozik, Dean of Global Education, or designee, ex-officio (without vote)

Waseem-Ahmed Bin-Kasim, Faculty Member from CAS: Social Sciences, History & Geography, 2021-2024

Mark Kurt, Assistant Dean of Global Education, ex-officio (without vote)

Kristina Meinking, Assistant Director of Elon Core Curriculum, World Languages & Cultures, ex-officio (with vote)

Nina Namaste, Faculty Member from CAS: Fine Arts and Humanities, World Languages & Cultures, 2021-2024

Svetlana Nepocatych, Faculty Member from CAS: Mathematics/Science, Exercise Science, 2021-2024

Samuele Pardini, At-Large Teaching Faculty Member, World Languages and Cultures, 2019-2022

Melissa Scales, Faculty Member from the School of Health Sciences, Physical Therapy Education, 2020-2023


Graduate Council

Stephen Braye, Chair

Full Membership

Teacher Education Committee

Ann Bullock, Chair

Full Membership