Data is a Part of the Fabric of our Modern Society

As information has become more readily available and data have become “bigger,” both in the literal and figurative sense, we need to prepare our students to handle complex quantitative and qualitative data through coursework and other outlets. The technology available to process and visualize data to make meaningful inferences is also evolving, and more fields of study are using such technology to make sense of data and systems.

Data Quality Matters

Our students need to understand “how data were created (by whom, for what purpose, using what kinds of instruments), managed (what information was selected, included, excluded) and potentially transformed (combined, related, restructured)” (Wise, 2020).

Data Competency Enables Students to be Informed Leaders and Global Citizens

Our Data Competency QEP will prepare our graduates to understand better the role data and data analysis play in society, thus enabling them to be global citizens and informed leaders motivated by concern for the common good.