Graduate Apprenticeships Available on Interview Days in February 2018

The following university programs have been selected through a competitive application process to participate in the February 2018 Interview Days process:

1.    Academic Advising

2.    Alumni Engagement

3.    Business, Finance and Technology

4.    Career Development

5.    Center for Engaged Learning

6.    Center for Leadership

7.    Gender and LGBTQIA Center

8.    Graduate Admissions and School of Education

9.    International Student and Scholar Services

10.  New Student Transition Programs

11.  Registrar Office

12.  Residence Life (3 positions)

Academic Advising

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for Academic Advising

Department:             Academic Support and Advising

Key Responsibilities:  Advise undergraduate students on their academic courses, majors and goals; cultivate individual student success support systems; help with opening of term activities. First year project: CAS assessment of advising functions. Second year projects: design, implement and assess peer advisor program and co-teach section of first year advising seminar.

Career Options:         Primary: Academic Advising; Student Success Office; Other: College Access and Success; First-year seminars; Career Advising

Position Description:  See Full Description

Alumni Engagement

Position Title:             Graduate Apprentice for Alumni Engagement

Department:              Alumni Engagement in University Advancement

Key Responsibilities:   Launch alumni career development efforts at Elon. Coordinate alumni campus visit plan; develop alumni professional development seminars and networking tools; hold workshops for students on networking with alumni in career fields; support regional network events & large scale divisional events on campus (e.g. Homecoming), and participate in annual fundraising initiatives.

Career Options:         Alumni Engagement, Parent Engagement, Annual Giving, Advancement Services, and Donor Relations

Position Description:  See Full Description

Business, Finance and Technology

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for Business, Finance and Technology

Department:             Business, Finance and Technology (BFT)

Supervisor:               Vice President for Business, Finance and Technology

(The University’s Chief Financial Officer)

Key Responsibilities:  Shadow and assist, on a rotational basis, the university’s chief financial officer’s eight direct reports; prepare a program assessment on each area (e.g., Business &, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities Planning and Construction, Dining Services, Campus Police, etc.); meet with CFO weekly; in year two do a semester length project with the CFO and another with one of the CFO’s direct reports.

Career Options:         Primary: Auxiliary Services (Dining Services Programming, Student ID’s, etc.); Business Operations and/or Facilities Management in a variety of university departments; Other: Human Resources

Position Description:  See Job Description

Career Development

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for Career Development

Department:             Student Professional Development Center

Key Responsibilities:  Advise undergraduate students on career and professional development; facilitate workshops and panels on resume writing, job/internship searches & networking; assist with employer events (Job & Internship Expo, Social Impact Fair, etc.); gather and analyze post-graduation job outcomes data; research and implement best practices for career development programs and employer hiring practices; create content for center’s social media outlets.

Career Options:         Primary: Career Services; Other: Employer Relations Position

Description:              See Full Description

Center for Engaged Learning

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for the Center for Engaged Learning

Department:             Center for Engaged Learning (CEL)

Key Responsibilities:  Research and develop new CEL resources (e.g., web content) on high impact practices-HIPS; facilitate professional development for faculty, staff and graduate students on engaged learning; be on event team to plan, host, and assess multi-institutional research and practice-based initiatives, conferences, & seminars; contribute blogs, e-net stories, etc. to promote CEL events and share outcomes with national/international audiences.

Career Options:         Higher Education research center on engaged learning practices; department focused on implanting, researching, and assessing one or more HIPS (e.g. learning communities, service learning, study abroad, etc.); Other: Doctoral studies

Position Description:  See Full Description

Center for Leadership

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for the Center for Leadership

Department:             Center for Leadership

Key Responsibilities:  Develop and implement leadership development opportunities for student organizations/clubs and campus programs; provide resources for faculty/staff organization advisors; guide and mentor Center for Leadership student leaders; assist in the execution of major Center for Leadership programs

Career Options:         Primary: Leadership Center; Other: Student Organization/Club Development; Student Activities; Leadership Education and Administration in Residence Life or Fraternity & Sorority Life

Position Description:  See Full Job Description

Gender and LGBTQIA Center

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for Gender and LGBTQIA Center

Department:             Gender and LGBTQIA Center

Key Responsibilities:  Supervise student leaders and volunteers; lead educational programs and assessments; co-advice the LGBTQIA student organization; develop training materials for Ally training; advance center’s social media/web; assist with center’s events (e.g., alumni network, fall welcoming socials, campus-community events, etc.)

Career Options:         Primary: LGBTQIA Center; Other Areas: Women’s Center; Multicultural Center; inclusion and diversity work

Position Description:  See Full description

Graduate Admissions and School of Education

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for Graduate Admissions and School of Education

Department:             Graduate Admissions/School of Education

Key Responsibilities:  Student contact for recruitment of Master of Arts in Higher Education (MHE) students (follow-up inquires, coordinate student host program and Interview Days, research recruitment markets and strategies); coordinate new student orientation; help communicate/coordinate apprenticeships & internships; identify/communicate professional development opportunities for MHE students; produce MHE newsletter/updates for campus, MHE students, alumni and parents.

Career Options:         Primary: Admissions; Student services in academic offices; Other: Alumni Engagement; Doctoral studies

Position Description:  See Full Job Description

International Student and Scholar Services

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for International Student and Scholar Services

Department:             Isabella Cannon Global Education Center

Key Responsibilities:  Coordinate social, cultural and informational programs for international students and their peers; co-supervise International Student Ambassadors; regular international student contact and general advising; coordinate Local Friends program; work with the Elon International Society student group; guide international students on immigration/visa regulations.

Career Options:         Primary: International Student Advisor; International Education Coordinator; International Student Recruiter; Other: Designated School Official for immigration/visa guidance; Study Abroad Advisor; Global Exchange program third party provider

Position Description:  See Full Description

New Student Transition Programs

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for New Student and Transition Programs

Department:             New Student and Transition Programs

Key Responsibilities:  Hire, train and supervise Orientation Leaders; assist in planning, implementing, and marketing fall & spring move-in days and new student orientation programs; assess orientation experience of new students and curriculum for Orientation Leaders; develop trainings and publications to update university on orientation; recruit students, peer TAs and faculty for sophomore retreat and co- teach companion transition course

Career Options:         Primary: Orientation; First Year Programs; Other: Student Activities

Position Description:  See Full Description

Registrar Office Graduate

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for Office of the University Registrar

Department:             Office of the University Registrar

Key Responsibilities:  Supervise two student assistants; coordinate and assess promotional activities for Summer College; assess enrollment data and report on the “under-enrolled senior” phenomenon; with Assistant Registrar, create and manage degree audits for graduate programs; market and enhance visual experiential learning transcript (Visual EXP); research outcomes of credential extension models nationally and abroad.

Career Options:          Primary: Registrar Office; Co-curriculum Office; Other: Data Analyst in Admissions Office

Position Description:   See Full Description

Residence Life (3 positions)

Position Title:            Graduate Apprentice for Residence Life (3 positions)

Department:             Residence Life

Key Responsibilities:  Assist Community Director in leading and administering a residential neighborhood of approximately 750 1st & 2nd year students; supervise 4-10 Resident Assistants; regular student contact, peer counseling, general advisement; adjudicate low-level student conduct cases; implement neighborhood programs and initiatives (community development, social and intellectual).

Career Options:         Primary: Residence Life; Other: Student Conduct, Facility Management

Position Description:  See Full Description