Internship Overview

An internship is a credit-bearing experience designed to give a student exposure to a professional setting in which they wish to learn about a specific program or department. Students must complete two internships during their two-year program. Each internship is a 135-hour, mentored field experience in university-approved settings. MHE students may request for one of their internships to be satisfied through the apprenticeship.  In addition to completing required fieldwork hours, all students must participate and pass a 1 credit-hour seminar that accompanies each internship. The seminar is offered in a face-to-face format in the fall and spring. The summer internship seminar is online to accommodate internship experiences beyond the local region.

Students are responsible for arranging their internships, which must be approved in advance. MHE students may complete their internships at Elon, at other universities, or at higher education adjacent organizations ( e.g., college access programs, educational technology companies). To assist students in the identification of internships, the MHE program maintains an internship database as well as hosts a series of internship preparation workshops during the first year.  Additional information regarding MHE internship policies and resources is provided in the MHE Internship Handbook.

Internships are typically unpaid experiences; however, some internship hosts provide a small stipend or alternative compensation (such as free housing).