MHE Graduate Apprenticeship Program

Every MHE student who meets all requirements for final admittance to the program is hired as a paid graduate apprenticeship in a campus program or department. The apprenticeships are an integral part of the MHE program’s emphasis on integrating students’ in-and-out-of-class learning, with students applying what they learn in their courses to their work. Likewise, students’ work experiences are designed to deepen students’ academic and professional knowledge.

Apprenticeship Application Process and Stipend

The apprenticeship is for the two-year duration of the program, (not including summers) with reappointment for the second year contingent upon satisfactory completion of academic and apprenticeship requirements. Apprenticeship stipends for 2023-2024 are $16,600, except for Residence Life GAs whose stipends are $13,600 with room and meal plan. Apprenticeship stipends are paid in equal installments over the 10 months (August-May) of their apprenticeship each year and can be used in whatever manner the student chooses (e.g., living expenses, textbooks, etc.). Apprenticeship stipends are considered income and therefore are taxable.

Applicants seeking to enroll in fall 2024 (MHE Class of 2026) will have an opportunity to express interest and interview for these apprenticeship positions in the application process: