Photo of Amo Burbridge, DVM

Amo Burbridge, DVM

About Dr. Burbridge: Dr. Amo B. Burbridge is the senior partner at Alamance Veterinary Hospital and has been part of the practice since 1998; the year of her graduation from the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Photo of Amanda Chunco

Amanda Chunco

About Dr. Chunco: Dr. Chunco is a wildlife ecologist and assistant professor of Environmental Studies at Elon University. My work integrates field studies with geographic models to aid the conservation of rare and endangered species. While I am particularly interested in amphibians, I am happy to work with and advise students with a genuine interest in wildlife ecology or biogeography, regardless of the taxonomic group they wish to study.

Photo of Greg Hlavaty

Greg Hlavaty

About Dr. Hlavaty: Greg Hlavaty is a Lecturer in English at Elon University. He teaches first-year writing, environmental literature, and bridge classes for local high school students.

Photo of Michael Kingston (Chair)

Michael Kingston (Chair)

About Dr. Kingston: In addition to his position as a Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, Dr. Kingston serves as the Chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and Curator of the Elon University Roger Barbour Collection of wildlife images. His research focuses on photosynthetic microbial communities inhabiting the sediments of streams, estuaries, and ocean beaches. He teaches a variety of courses on the following topics: population biology, biodiversity, ecology, and ocean sustainability. He is also a summer adjunct faculty member at the Duke University Marine Laboratory where he teaches a marine ecology course.

Photo of Ruth P. Koester, PhD, D(ABHI)

Ruth P. Koester, PhD, D(ABHI)

About Ruth Koestner: Ruth Koester is the community representative for the IUCUC Board. She is a Technical Director in the DNA Identification Testing Division at LabCorp and holds a PhD in Genetics from NCSU and a BS from Cornell University. She has lived in Burlington with her family for over 25 years and serves on several local non-profit boards including the Women’s Resource Center and Twin Lakes Community.

Photo of Erica Mena (Lab Manager)

Erica Mena (Lab Manager)

About Erica Mena: Erica DeSota Mena is a 2009 graduate of Western Carolina University where she double majored in Biology and Chemistry. While at Western, she was an avid member of the National Residence Hall Honoraries where she served as President, and North Carolina Association of Residence Halls where served as Assistant Director for NRHH from 2007-2008 and Director from 2008-2009.

Photo of Simon Higgins

Simon Higgins

About Dr. Higgins: Dr. Higgins is an exercise physiologist and certified strength and conditioning specialist, whose research focuses on the behavioral and lifestyle-related factors that contribute to (1) skeletal and (2) cardiometabolic health across the lifespan, with a particular interest in youth and young adulthood. His expertise include behavioral measurement (e.g. physical activity, sedentary behavior, sleep, diet, stress, etc.), as well as skeletal imaging, and cardiometabolic risk assessment via blood biomarkers and other non-invasive means. Aside from his role on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Dr. Higgins serves as the faculty advisor for Elon's Exercise is Medicine® On Campus initiative, is pre-health advisor, and co-owns a strength and conditioning/coaching business, Fortitude Performance Coaching L.L.C.

Photo of Victoria Moore (Vice-Chair)

Victoria Moore (Vice-Chair)

About Dr. Moore: Dr. Del Gaizo Moore teaches biochemistry, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry senior seminar and general chemistry. She has an active cancer research lab investigating the role of BCL-2 proteins in cancer relapse and chemotherapy resistance.

Photo of Yuko Miyamoto

Yuko Miyamoto

About Dr. Miyamoto: Dr. Miyamoto has a background in immunology and cell biology and associate professor in the Biology Department at Elon University. Her research involves using immune cells as a cell model to identify how cell migrate and what proteins are involved in the migration pathway. I also work with research students whose project are more focused on cancer.

Photo of Robert Vick

Robert Vick

About Dr. Vick: Dr. Vick teaches Human and Animal Physiology as well as Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, and Senior Seminar. His research focuses on various aspects of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and several of his students have presented their research at local, regional, and national meetings. Dr. Vick is also a pre-health advisor and faculty advisor for the Pre-Dental Society and the Lincoln Pre-Health Society.