PURM 2.2 (Spring 2013)

Special Issue on Undergraduate Research in the Arts and Humanities

Letter from the Editors


Mathew Gendle, Elon University, U.S.
Rebecca Pope-Ruark, Elon University, U.S.

Invited Piece

Defining Undergraduate Research in the Humanities


Bernadette McNary-Zak, Rhodes College
Rebecca Todd Peters, Elon University


But Is It Really Research?: Undergraduate Anxieties in the Humanities


Abstract: This paper examines the anxieties of undergraduate research in the humanities by tracing the development of an independent project of undergraduate research from classroom to research poster to scholarly publication. To address these anxieties, we advance notions of sponsorship, authority and genre as key terms for promoting successful outcomes.

William FitzGerald, Rutgers Camden, U.S.
Natalie Midiri, Rutgers Camden, U.S.

We Grow UGROW: A Model for Undergraduate Research At a Public Liberal Arts University


Abstract: At Midwestern State University, a public liberal arts institution, a research project between fine arts and engineering students and faculty became a catalyst for university-wide efforts to institutionalize undergraduate research from one college to across the university. The interdisciplinary project is described and a model and recommendations are offered.

Mitzi Lewis, Midwestern State University, U.S.
Dale B. McDonald, Midwestern State University, U.S.
Jane Owen, Midwestern State University, U.S.
Magaly Rincón-Zachary, Midwestern State University, U.S.
Brandon Smith, Brevard College, U.S.

New Section: Commentaries

Adventures in Long-Distance Research Mentoring in Music


Victoria Fischer Faw, Department of Music, Elon University, U.S.
with Wesley Rose, Elon University, U.S.

So, Then Where Does that Leave the Humanities?


Sarah Glasco, Department of World Languages and Cultures, Elon University, U.S.


Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Religious Studies: Promises and Challenges


Lynn Huber, Department of Religious Studies , Elon University, U.S.


De-mystifying Creative Research


Lauren Kearns, Department of Performing Arts, Elon University, U.S.


Not Only for the Sciences: Undergraduate Research in the Humanities


John C. Orr, Department of English, University of Portland, U.S.


Getting Started with Undergraduate Research in the Humanities


Scott Windham, Department of World Languages and Cultures, Elon University, U.S.

Book Review

Bernadette McNary-Zak and Rebecca Todd Peters, eds. (2011). Teaching Undergraduate Research in Religious Studies. New York, New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199732869, $55.00, pp. 193.


Reviewed by Lynn S. Neal, Wake Forest University, U.S.