Black Institution at Elon has always been supported and maintained by dedicated faculty and staff. Commitment to the Elon ideals and strategic vision are on display through faculty and staff mentorship, and innovative teaching. Our Black faculty and staff have built strong communities, striving to center holistic professional and personal development.

Initiatives that focus on the Black faculty/staff experience include:

Black Employee Resource Group (BERG)

BERG is an organization meant to provide an encouraging environment and career advancement opportunities for Black employees and their affiliates. The group sponsors professional development educational and networking events for faculty and staff and is dedicated to attracting and retaining Black professionals by building Elon’s brand as an employer of choice for the Black profession-al community. Post COVID, this group reemerged and is re-establishing itself to provide consistent monthly events and opportunities for employees to engage in social and professional networking and learn from guest speakers. BERG will expand to include an online community and resource space through support from the Black Lumen Project.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plans

The Division of Inclusive Excellence is working with leaders across campus to develop plans that create greater inclusion within their units. Vice President for Finance and Administration Janet Williams, who oversees the largest unit of staff at the university, is one of the leaders who is working with Inclusive Excellence to create and implement a plan. Her departments include Business and Finance, Hu-man Resources, Facilities Management, Information Technology, Campus Safety and Police, Auxiliary Services, Administrative Services, Internal Audit, and Planning, Design and Construction.