Diversity, inclusion, and global engagement are integral to the Elon University education, and every student will have opportunities to explicitly engage these aspects of life in their studies and time on campus. For those students who want to be intentional about incorporating diversity, inclusion, and global engagement into their academic work these resources are designed to help you best identify what courses and programs are best suited for you. If you are looking for single courses that integrate an intersectional lens on various aspects of identity, you can browse the Diversity Course Database. If you are interested in an extended and dynamic study of particular facets of diversity, inclusion, and global engagement, you can explore the interdisciplinary minors we offer. The InterGroup Relations program provides students the opportunity to engage in sustained dialogues in an academic setting with peers that have both similar and different identities and viewpoints than their own. Additionally, Academic Service-Learning courses blend academic and real-life experiences that connect students with local and global communities. We have also identified funding opportunities to support students in their endeavors to explicitly engage diversity, inclusion, and global engagement into their classroom experiences and/or research.