Center for the Study of Religion, Society, and Culture

The Center has a variety of funding opportunities that supports the interdisciplinary study of religion depending on the stage of your research and where you are at in your academic career. The Summer Research Fellows program is for those students who have completed at least your first year at Elon, have a mentor, and want to do advanced study of the summer. If you are a first or second year student working on developing an area of research pertaining to research the Scholar Development Grants are designed to support you with both mentorship and funding. Sophomore students who are interested in extensively pursing a multifaith research project during their junior and senior years are encouraged to apply for the two-year Multifaith Scholars Program.

El Centro de Español

If you are active with El Centro, you can earn up to $650 on a plane ticket to a Spanish-speaking country of your choice. This can be one way to support a study abroad endeavor. To learn more about how to become involved and earn this credit toward a plan ticket, visit here.

Global Education Center

For students who are interested in funding opportunities for global education experiences such as Study USA or Study Abroad, the Global Education Center has compiled a wide range of information regarding financial planning and scholarships. You can find that information here.

Thomas Barnett “Breaking Down Barriers” Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in the memory of Thomas Barnett by his parents. Thomas Barnett was an Honors Fellow and a Presidential Scholar in the Elon University Class of 2007. The annual $1,000 scholarship is awarded to one Elon undergraduate who has successfully completed a high-quality project on a topic related to improving the university experience of students with disabilities. Projects must have an academic component, broadly defined and including projects such as websites, creative works and research papers. The research process can include theoretical and/or applied scholarship and can relate to any aspect of the university experience, from the physical environment to academic experiences to social connectivity concerns. The projects can be part of a course or an Elon Experience. You can find more information about Thomas Barnett and how to apply to this scholarship in his honor here.