At Elon we believe everyone benefits from initiatives that embrace diversity, inclusion, and global engagement. We also believe intentionally engaging diversity, inclusion and global engagement support the growth of the dynamic role of teacher-scholar-mentors where we serve as models and guides for student development. For these reasons, areas across campus have developed and compiled resources and opportunities dedicated to support faculty and staff to actively engage, reflect, and flourish as it pertains to diversity, inclusion, and global engagement. In addition to what is located throughout these pages, you can find further information, resources, and opportunities regarding global engagement here.

We recognize that every staff and faculty member has aspects of their identity, background, and life that require care and attention. If you are looking for support, resources, and community, we recommend checking out the Human Resources or Employee Support pages. Several areas of campus also offer resources and opportunities to foster intercultural competencies and strive toward more inclusive classrooms and/or learning environments regarding particular identities. The Gender and LGBTQIA Center offers LGBTQIA Ally Trainings focused on the inclusion and uplifting of LGBTQIA identities as well as Survivor Support Ally Trainings focused on the support and allyship for survivors of sexual assault. The Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Education offers multiple avenues for staff and faculty to reflect and dialogue about race as well as tailored consultations. The Center for the Study of Religion, Culture, and Society also has resources focused on an interdisciplinary engagement with religion, and it offers support for faculty development related to scholarship and teaching.

If you are a faculty or staff member looking for information on developing more inclusive classrooms, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning has compiled these resources. The Office of Leadership and Professional Development also puts on a variety of programming each month for faculty and staff, some of which addresses matters of diversity, inclusion, and global engagement. If you are interested in joining the international conversation on engaged learning and how it intersects with diversity, inclusion, and global engagement, the Center for Engaged Learning has many resources available. You can view Elon’s statement on integrating global learning with the university experience here. The Center for Research on Global Engagement also has resources and funding opportunities to foster high quality scholarship related to global engagement. Further resources covering a variety of topics to help inform more inclusive practices can be found here, and you can also find range of funding avenues to pursue research and inclusive initiatives here.

Additional opportunities include a variety of dialogue programs, book groups, Inclusive Community Development Workshops, and Elon’s Pre/Post Doctoral Fellows.