Whether you are interested in better understanding the benefits of diversity and inclusion within an academic setting, want to engage more inclusive teaching practices, or are trying to navigate a challenging topic in class, centers and offices across Elon have identified resources to assist you. If you do not find what you are looking for below or have a suggestion, please contact Program Coordinator for the Center for Equity and Inclusive Excellence Annabel Bunton.

Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning’s Resources on Inclusive Teaching

Research from colleges and universities around the country shows that some students feel they don’t “belong,” aren’t included, or aren’t respected in classrooms. When students feel marginalized, it can have a negative impact on their learning. Abundant psychological research on stereotype threat, for example, demonstrates that students affected by it do not perform as well as they are capable of on a variety of intellectual tasks. Fortunately, there’s also scholarship that suggests that relatively small actions by instructors can have a positive impact on their classroom climate and the feelings and performance of students. In other words, inclusiveness is not about helping students feel good about themselves; it is aimed at helping students learn and succeed in college. Resources on inclusive teaching can be found here.

Center for Research on Global Engagement’s Resources on High-Impact Practices in Global Contexts

The Center for Research on Global Engagement has put together a selection of readings relevant to High-Impact Practices (HIPs) and Global Contexts in the following forms: Mentoring Undergraduate Research, Internships, Service Learning, and Study Abroad/Away. This bibliography is a non-exhaustive work in progress, but we hope that the listed readings provide valuable information regarding HIPs in global contexts. The resources can be found here.

Center for the Study of Religion, Society, and Culture’s Resources on Religion and the Classroom

One of the aims of the Center is promoting excellence in teaching the study of religion, both in the classroom and in the context of undergraduate research. To that end, the Center is happy to offer resources for supporting faculty from various disciplines who either encounter religious perspectives or engage questions of religion in their classrooms. The resources can be found here.

Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement Faculty Resources

The Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement offers a wealth of resources to faculty members teaching Academic Service-Learning courses and others interested in incorporating service components into their classes or organizations they sponsor. The resources can be found here.

Intercultural Consciousness Library Guide

The Intercultural Consciousness Library Guide was created and is maintained by Vicki Siler. This guide came to fruition as part of the inaugural Intercultural Consciousness Certificate program. Ever-expanding and updated, this guide provides a host of materials for learning about and researching various topics and identities through an inclusive lens.