In order to reflect on how Elon has grown—and how Elon needs to continue to grow—as an institution these documents demonstrate our progress and aspirations. To gain a comprehensive view of the progress made towards the Elon Commitment 2010-2020 including Theme 1, which articulates a commitment to diversity and global engagement, you can view a detailed progress report. Below you can also view yearly reports on Theme 1, the priorities and accomplishments of the Inclusive Community Council, Diversity Plans for various areas of Elon, and yearly updates on task forces.

We value your perspectives in making Elon better. There are inherent and perhaps constant tensions in this work and also in the feedback we hear from campus and consultants. We acknowledge those tensions and will continue to navigate pluralistic feedback in relation to our efforts with a goal of continuing the forever unfinished project of inclusive excellence. Please contact Leigh-Anne Royster, Director for the Center for Equity and Inclusive Excellence, to share your perspectives and ideas so we can make Elon even better.