A. Values Statement

Carol Grotnes Belk Library is committed to diversity. As reflected in our strategic plan, we hold ourselves accountable to plan, implement and assess diversity initiatives which guide our work as active participants in the university commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our staff promote s inclusion within the library and seeks to provide a welcoming atmosphere for library visitors and employees. The value of diversity in the library is understood and implemented in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following: a professional and student staff who will assist every one with acceptance and respect; a staff composed of people representing the diversity of the university and surrounding community; a diverse and representative print and digital collection accessible to the widest possible community.

B. Library Space and Services

The library provides services to all members of the Elon University community and beyond, regardless of race, religion, age, gender identity, sexual identity, veteran status, disability, or socioeconomic status. The library strives to be a welcoming, respectful, and safe place where individuals can research, study and collaborate. Belk Library provides proactive programming, including displays that reflect our diverse collection.

C. Populations Served

Belk Library serves Elon faculty, staff, students, and alumni, as well as the participants of the Center for Access & Success programs of Elon University and their families. In addition, Belk Library serve s lifelong learners as well as scholars from nearby universities and community colleges. Through its Interlibrary Loan program, Belk Library serves other universities, community colleges, hospitals, military bases, prisons, businesses, and public libraries.

D. Library Collections

Belk Library consistently build s and maintains a diverse library collection in a variety of formats. The library provides access to technology such as computers and internet access, benefiting Elon and surrounding communities.

E. Library Professional and Student Staff

Belk Library strives to build a staff that reflects the current and aspirational diversity of the Elon University Community. The library staff will continue to strengthen opportunities for professional and student staff to build knowledge and participate in campus inclusion and diversity programming.

F. Action Plan

Specific actions in support of this values statement will be incorporated into the library’s annual strategic planning process. We anticipate that these actions will evolve with the needs of our community and ongoing campus priorities around inclusion and diversity.

Adopted August 2016

Download a PDF of the Belk Library Diversity Statement