Martha and Spencer Love School of Business Diversity Plan

The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business believes in the value of an inclusive community and respects the importance and contribution of all. We adopt the definition of diversity proposed by the university’s Diversity Council, which states: “Diversity in its broadest sense includes, but is not limited to, diversity of age, citizenship status, disability, gender, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic standing, and intellectual viewpoint.”

Efforts to date (updated August 2016)

  • We continue to recruit faculty from diverse backgrounds. Some information about our full-time faculty:
    • 58% male/42% female. If only tenured/tenure track faculty are considered then the ratio is 53% male to 47% female
    • 30% percent are international and represent the following countries: China, Korea, India, Syria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, South Africa and Ukraine.
    • 3.5% are African American/Black
    • 7% are Asian/Pacific Islander
  • We are a participating member of The PhD Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to “increase workplace diversity by increasing the diversity of business school faculty who encourage, mentor, support and enhance the preparation of tomorrow’s leaders.” We recruited two full-time faculty members through the PhD Project.
  • Our Board of Advisors has become more diverse with nine women currently serving on the board, a 66.8 % increase from fall 2012, and four racial/ethnic minorities serving on the board, a 100% increase from fall 2012.
  • We are implementing an outreach program for first-generation college students who have declared/are intending to declare a major in the Love School of Business.
  • We have created a “Women in Finance” student organization.
  • We continue to offer events and activities that expose students to different perspectives and issues. A sample of past offerings include:
    • A panel discussion with a group of Ukrainian journalists about their experiences fighting corruption in Ukraine.
    • A presentation by Thomas DiBiagio, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland, who shared insights from his experience managing risks associated with doing business globally.
    • A “Women in Finance” Lunch and Learn facilitated by Donna DeMaio, president and CEO of United Guaranty.
    • A “Business and Sustainability” Lunch and Learn facilitated by Eileen Claussen, a climate and energy policy administrator, diplomat and sustainability expert.
    • A presentation on microfinance and social entrepreneurship by Shawn Humphrey, founder of the National Two Dollar Challenge.
  • Our faculty and staff participate in programs like the Elon Women’s Forum and anti-bias training such as Elon’s Gender and LGBTQIA Center’s Ally program and the Anti Defamation League’s A Campus of Difference session.
  • We continue to seek scholarship funds to enhance the diversity of our student population. Out of 33 endowed scholarships, 22 are set up to give preference to students with financial need.

The Plan

We endeavor to create respect for such diversity and inclusiveness in many ways, including the following:

A Diverse Faculty and Staff

  • We will demonstrate effective efforts to recruit faculty and staff from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds, using as a benchmark the university’s faculty and staff composition and the school’s composition. Each search committee will be committed to building a diverse applicant pool.
  • We will seek innovative opportunities to recruit faculty from historically underrepresented groups, for example through Elon “Opportunity Funds” or through partnerships, faculty exchanges, or other endeavors with institutions that have strong business programs.

A Diverse Student Body

  • To help recruit a student body reflecting the diversity of the population we serve, LSB faculty and staff will continue to participate in university initiatives to recruit students from diverse backgrounds, both domestic and international.
  • We will seek to increase scholarship funds designated to enhance the diversity of our student population at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

An Inclusive Curriculum

  • As appropriate to course objectives, our students and faculty will discuss in class the importance of diversity in organizations as well as the historic and current contribution of diverse perspectives in society.
  • Our programs (undergraduate, graduate, and executive education) will prepare our students and clients to succeed and lead in diverse work environments.
  • We will work to identify funding sources for faculty and student research on topics related to inclusion and diversity that can enhance the teaching/learning environment.
  • We will promote experiential learning that better exposes students to the diverse domestic and international world in which they live.
  • We will invite a diverse group of professionals as guest speakers to our classes to expose students to different perspectives and issues.

A Supportive Environment

  • We will build a broad network of alliances and affinity groups for students, alumni, and faculty that encourage diversity, provide support for members, and enhance career success.
  • We will recruit professionals from diverse backgrounds to serve on the LSB Dean’s Board of Advisors.
  • We will support and participate in university initiatives to explore issues of diversity and inclusion and how these issues affect our academic and social environments.
  • We will support the university’s religious holiday observance policy and be sensitive to the observed and practiced holy days of different faiths.
  • We will support faculty and staff participation in training and opportunities that prepare them to seize on “teachable moments” — opportunities to briefly discuss diversity and inclusiveness issues that spontaneously arise in the classroom.
  • The dean, leadership team, faculty and staff will provide a climate that is both respectful and supportive of diverse people and viewpoints, and will actively support the goals and initiatives outlined in this plan.

Download a PDF of the School of Business Diversity Plan