View the Plumbing ADA Shower Detail diagram.


Water Closet – tank type

  • Manufacturer: American Standard “Champion”
  • Floor mounted
  • No pressure tanks
  • low flow

Water Closet – flush valve type

  • Manufacturer: Kohler or American Standard “Madera”
  • Floor mounted
  • 2″ min. discharge opening
  • Flush valve: Sloan Royal or Zurn XL
  • High/low flush valves

Sink – commercial kitchen

  • Manufacturer: Kohler, Just, Elkay, or American Standard
  • Heavy duty stainless steel
  • W/basket strainer
  • Faucet: T&S heavy duty
  • 2.2 gpm

Sink – residential kitchen

  • Manufacturer: Kohler, Just, Elkay, or American Standard
  • Stainless steel
  • Delta (S.S ball) or Moen 7434 faucet w/single lever
  • 2.2 gpm

Sink – Floor mounted

  • Splash guard 4″ above faucet on all adjacent walls,
  • Washable surface on wall.
  • Delta faucet heavy duty with hose fitting

Lavatory – residential

  • Manufacturer: Kohler, Just, Elkay, or American Standard
  • 4″ centers for fittings
  • Overflow drains
  • Delta (S.S ball) faucet 523 HDF or Moen 8413 w/single lever
  • 1.5 gpm (office/classroom 1.0 gpm)

Water Cooler

Manufacturer: Halsey Taylor or Elkay

Water Cooler Bottle Filler

Model EZSTL8WSLK by Elkay

Shower Valves

Delta Scaldguard HDF w/ stops, Moen 8339 2/stops, or Symmons Safteymix w/stops

Shower Drains

  • Manufacturer: Zurn or Josam
  • 2 1/4″ Flange
  • Round
  • Floor membrane: 40 mil, Protectowrap AFM-WM, self sticking

Shower Head

  • 1.6 gpm
  • Adjustable directional spray
  • Delta “Low Flow Shower Head ” #RP 4638A

Exterior Hose Bibbs

  • Manufacturer: Woodruff
  • freeze proof
  • minimum 2 per building

Circulation Pumps

Manufacturer: Bell & Gossett, Weinmen, or Armstrong (no Taco)

Water Heaters

  • Gas = Voyager
  • Electric =


  • Pint flush
  • Sloan ROYAL valve


Copper pipe

Type L or K only


Commercial Grade (17 gauge min.)

Exterior piping

All nonmetallic utility pipes to have #14 ga, tracer wire stubbed up at proper access points (valve boxes, equipment rooms, manhole, etc.) Exception: sewer lines.

Sewer lines

  • Do not use cross fittings to serve back to back or side to side fixtures. Use Y’s or T’s in combination.
  • Under slab pipes to be case iron with fernco banc.
  • Above slab pipes soundproof schedule 40 PVC acceptable.

Sealing floors

Seal floors and install floor drains in all mechanical rooms with air handling units.

Exterior clean out covers

  • Use landscape PVC green covers
  • Install flush with ground