Request for Information Log

At each Architect-Owner Contractor meeting, the contractor will provide hardcopies of the official Request for Information Log.  The log should include the RFI number, subject, date submitted to the Design Team and date RFI was closed.

Shop Drawing/Submittal Log

At each Architect-Owner Contractor meeting, the contractor will provide hardcopies of the official Shop Drawing/Submittal Log. The log should include the submittal number, product, date submitted to the Design Team and date the submittal was approved.  Provide all submittals to the Design Team for approval no later than the halfway point of construction.  Any submittal requesting a variance from the specification or any value engineering (VE) proposal must be first reviewed and approved by the Designer and then approved by the Owner before the work proceed. Final acceptance will depend on that compliance.

Change Order Log

The Contractor will keep the official Change Order Log.   The log should include the change order number, item description, projected amount of cost, date submitted to the Owner, date the change order was approved in writing by the Owner, actual cost of the item and final accepted change order date.  The Contractor must follow the Elon University Change Order Process.  The university will not pay for changes unless the PDCM project manager has approved the change prior to work starting.

Contractor Pay Applications

The contractor will submit pay applications to the Design Team for approval.  Provide pay application at the end of each month.


As-Built Marked-Up Drawings

The contractor will provide one clean, legible, and undamaged hardcopy set of marked-up as-built prints and one electronic version of the marked-up as-built prints to the Owner as part of the closeout procedures. The Contractor shall certify that the marked-up prints reflect actual installations that vary from the work originally shown. The Contractor shall give particular attention to concealed work, which would be difficult to measure and record at a later date.

Operation & Maintenance Manuals

Provide two hardcopy and one electronic copy of an organized and comprehensive Operating and Maintenance Manuals. Include emergency instructions, spare parts listing, wiring diagrams, recommended maintenance cycles, inspection procedures, shop drawings, product data and similar applicable information. The manual shall include copies of all warranties, bonds, final certificates, and other similar documents. Furnish an index which outlines all work covered by specific warranties. The index shall identify the warrantied item, the length of the warranty, and the subcontractor responsible for the warranty.

Hardcopy versions shall be bound in a heavy-duty 3-ring vinyl covered binder. Mark Identification on both front and spine of each binder.

Attic Stock Material

As required by these guidelines and other contractual documents, unopened attic stock material for all finishes shall be delivered to the owner with a transmittal sheet. The transmittal sheet will clearly identify the project, manufacturer, quantity, and submittal number associated with the material. The contractor is responsible for coordinating, at least 24 hours in advance, the delivery of the attic stock material to the Physical Plant warehouse. Attic stock material shall not be left on the project site.

Attic stock at a minimum will include:

·        One unopened gallon of each paint color or type used on the project.

·        One farm alarm initiating device and horn or strobe.

·        One set of filters for each AHU installed.

·        One unopened case of each ceiling title type used.

·        One opened box of each type and style floor covering used.


All warranties shall start on the date that the temporary certificated of occupancy (TCO) is granted.