Mission Statement

The mission of Phoenix Card Services is to support the overall mission of Elon University by offering financial, access, and identification services to the students, the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff in a manner that will significantly enhance life on, and around campus. It is our aim to provide these services in a professional and effective manner and maintain a pleasant working environment for our employees. Finally, it is our goal to be considered by others, both in and outside the University community, as an excellent department and as highly competent employees.



The Elon University Phoenix Card is an identification card and a financial transaction card. It is intended to be used the entire length of time you are at the University. Use of the Phoenix Card constitutes acceptance of all terms, conditions, and regulations under which it was issued.

Anyone requiring this document in an alternative format, contact Phoenix Card Services at (336)278-5436.


Terms & Conditions

Use of the Phoenix Card

  1. The cardholder agrees that the Phoenix Card is the property of Elon University and can be confiscated from bearer as a result of inappropriate conduct or abuse. Use of the Phoenix Card is subject to all terms, conditions, rules and regulations.
  2. You must present your Phoenix Card at the time of use in order to obtain services. Your card and related accounts are non-transferable; any misuse or illegal transactions can result in privilege suspension and/or possible judicial action. Except as provided below, you are responsible for the usage of your card.

Phoenix Card Accounts

  1. The Phoenix Card Account is an optional account of pre-deposited funds accessed by the cardholder for products and services. Funds cannot be withdrawn off the card at any time, except for withdrawal from the University or graduation. (See Closing Accounts, Refunds, Return below).
  2. Cardholder’s Phoenix Card accounts will be activated automatically upon receipt of the initial deposit. Deposits at the Phoenix Card Office have a minimum of $1.00.
  3. In the event a cardholder’s deposit check is returned due to insufficient funds, a $25.00 charge will be assessed by Phoenix Card Services and the cardholder’s account will be suspended until the returned check and $25.00 fee have been paid. The Card Office complies with the campus policy on returned checks: third offense, permanent cash-only basis.
  4. Additional deposits may be made at Phoenix Card Services, on the web or at the Value Transfer Station (VTS). The Value Transfer Station accepts cash only and does not give change.
  5. These funds shall be applied against amounts debited to your Phoenix Card Account for goods and services purchased at points of sale. All vending locations have a $10.00 daily spending limit with the Phoenix Card. At all other locations, there is no limit to the number of purchases that may be made and debited to the account, provided funds are available. The cardholder understands and agrees the Phoenix Card is not a credit card, nor can it be used to obtain cash or cash advances from the account under any circumstances.
  6. If the cardholder’s Phoenix Card Account balance goes below zero as a result of the system or one of its readers being off-line, the cardholder remains responsible for payment of those purchases. In the event of a negative balance, the cardholder will be notified in writing stating the negative amount. A statement showing the transaction(s) and location will be provided upon request.
  7. Merchandise will be accepted for return according to the refund policy in force where the goods and/or services were purchased. Cash refunds will not be made for returned merchandise that was purchased with the Phoenix Card, except in the case of textbook sellbacks at the Campus Shop according to the refund policy. A credit will be made to the cardholder’s account.

Error Resolution Procedures

  1. If an error is noticed on the receipt, contact the appropriate manager at that location to report the error no later than fifteen (15) days after the error appears. The location will contact Phoenix Card Services should they need help in resolving the error.

Closing Accounts, Refunds, Returns

  1. Upon graduation or official withdrawal from the institution, the cardholder accounts will be closed and any balance over $25.00 on Phoenix Cash Account or Food Dollars Account will be refunded to the cardholder.
  2. Phoenix Card Services reserves the right to close any Phoenix Card Account that has been inactive for a period of twelve (12) months.
  3. Refunds on accounts will be made at the full value of the unused balance. All debts on the cardholder’s Student Account must be satisfied prior to a check being processed for a refund. Any negative Phoenix Card Account balances will be charged to the cardholder’s Student Account, or billed directly to the cardholder.


  1. If the point-of-sale terminal is equipped to provide a receipt, you can request a receipt at the time of purchase. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to ensure the receipt is correct.
  2. Activity statements can be generated upon request of the cardholder from Phoenix Card Services in Oaks/McCoy Commons 201.

Effective Date of Agreement

These terms and conditions are effective immediately and remain so until written notification is received. Elon University shall mail or deliver a written notice at least thirty (30) days before effective date, any change in a term or condition if the change would cause increased fees or charges; or increase liability for the cardholder. Prior notice need not be given where immediate change in a term and/or condition is necessary to maintain or restore the security of the system or account.


Card Eligibility

Each individual is issued only one card.


  • Must be a current registered student
  • Must have a valid photo identification prior to issuance
  • Legal name must be used on card
    • If there is concern regarding usage of your legal name, please contact the Registrar’s Office
  • Responsible for replacement card fee

Full-time or Part-time Faculty/Staff

  • Must have status of budgeted, permanent position
  • Legal name must be used on card
    • If there is concern regarding usage of your legal name, please contact Human Resources
  • No card fee charged
  • Responsible for replacement card fee
  • Upon termination the card must be surrendered to Human Resources

Spouses/Dependents (16-26 years of age) of Employee

  • No card fee charged
  • Responsible for replacement card fee
  • Cards collected when faculty/staff member is completely terminated or dependent reaches 26 years of age. Employees who retire from the institution keep their card and are eligible for all activities/accounts.

ARAMARK Employees/Barnes & Noble

  • Cards issued to managers

Conference and Alumni

  • No cards issued at present time

Trustee Members

  • No card fee charged


Withdraw Funds

Funds may only be withdrawn from the Phoenix Card when the cardholder leaves or withdraws from the University. In that event, any remaining balance over $25.00 will be refunded by check and sent to the address kept on file by the University.


Replacement Criteria

Elon University will issue only one Phoenix Card per individual. If possible, the old card must be turned in to be destroyed.

Replacement Cost

There is a $25.00 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards and a $5.00 replacement fee for damaged cards.At least one piece of the card with identifiable information must be submitted to qualify as a damaged card. If a police report is submitted showing that the Phoenix Card was stolen, the replacement fee will be waived.

Note: All assigned privileges and balances will transfer to the new replacement card. Cost may be waived if the card failed/deteriorated due to initial defect (as judged by the Phoenix Card staff).

Faculty/Staff Termination

When a faculty and/or staff member terminates his/her employment with the University, he/she is required to turn in their Phoenix Card to Human Resources at the time of their exit interview. Upon notification from Human Resources, Phoenix Card Services will close out all privileges and accounts and suspend the card.

Card Acceptance/Confiscation

The Phoenix Card should only be accepted for debit account transactions from the individual identified on the card. In order to protect the cardholder’s account from unauthorized usage, it is the departments’ responsibility to verify the Phoenix Card photo prior to the transaction.

Phoenix Cards found in the possession of someone other than the owner will be confiscated and immediately turned in to Phoenix Card Services in Oaks/McCoy Commons 201. Individuals found using another persons card and the individual who allowed someone else to use their card will meet with the Manager of Phoenix Card Services before the card is returned and could possibly be referred to the Assistant Dean of Students for judicial action or to Human Resources.



Department sales information is provided by Phoenix Card Services and generated on a monthly basis by location. The University’s Accounting Office transfers revenues from the sales monthly to the appropriate departments.