Campus Safety and Police offers patrol, crime prevention, security staff, and support to all members of the Elon community. Our department is committed to providing excellent police protection and fostering a secure atmosphere on Elon’s campus. Our mission is to ensure that Elon’s campus is safe and enjoyable for all who live, study, and work here.

In our community, we uphold these principles:

  • All people should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Officers must strive to earn the community’s trust by the manner in which they conduct themselves.
  • The life, human rights, and property of all people must be protected.
  • An open exchange of information and ideas benefits both our department and the University community.
  • Elon University and each member of the department must support the mission for it to be accomplished.
  • Our department should strive to be progressive, receptive and innovative in the performance of our duties.

The Elon University Police Department (EUPD) follows an essentially pragmatic philosophy for policing. Therefore, the Police Department takes a practical approach, utilizing a variety of proven law enforcement techniques, to respond to the problems of crime and disorder in the community. The Police Department’s philosophy is informed by not only one, but several theories of policing combining the most effective elements of each to form a unified policing strategy.

International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators

The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) advances public safety for educational institutions by providing training, research, advocacy, accreditation, education and professional services. IACLEA is the leading authority for campus public safety.

IACLEA Accreditation signifies an agency’s ongoing commitment to excellent, state-of-the-art performance in every aspect of its operations. Accredited agencies demonstrate to their personnel, the campus community, and outside experts their professionalism and mission focus.

In 2018, Elon received IACLEA Accreditation joining 62 other institutions nationwide. These include East Carolina University, NC State University, and Wake Forest University within the state of North Carolina.

Problem-Solving Policing

Police service delivery tactics are based upon the identification and solving of crime, disorder, and social problems in the community:

    • EUPD actively identifies key problems in the community as the basis for the on-going proactive delivery of police services.
    • EUPD seeks an in-depth understanding of problems and their causes as the basis for crafting specific tactics.
    • EUPD actively seeks partnerships with other University Departments and community agencies as a means of solving crime and disorder problems, as well as providing education and outreach services.
    • Solving crime and disorder problems is an important measure of police effectiveness at Elon University.

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Download the LiveSafe App

We encourage all Elon University community members to download the LiveSafe App. LiveSafe gives users two-way communication direct to Campus Safety & Police. Students and employees can share information anonymously (if desired) through text, photo, or video directly from their smart phones. Additionally, app users can receive important broadcast notifications sent by the Campus Safety and Police. With a built-in SafeWalk feature, students also will be able to invite others to “virtually escort” them by monitoring their location on a map.

Download the LiveSafe app on the Apple App Store

Download the LiveSafe app on Google Play


The university sends urgent news to cell phones. Once you sign up for E-Alert – the university’s primary source for campus crisis information and the most important service for which to register – Elon can text your cell phone and email you timely information about emergencies, class cancellations, and inclement weather information.

Active Shooter Awareness

Training videos

Elon University provides a special training video related to the threat of an active shooter on campus.

View the Shots Fired On Campus video
(Elon university login required – use your Elon email username and password).

Run, Hide, Fight
(This video was not created by Elon University. We own no rights to this video. This video was produced by the City of Houston, TX and the Department of Homeland Security.)