Although Elon has experienced a lower incidence of crime than surrounding areas, our community is not immune to crime. The number of incidents occurring on the campus can be reduced if all members of the community practice everyday precautions that will help to make a safe community.

  • BE ALERT. Your safety depends mostly upon your own attitude and actions. Use common sense and do not place yourself in a location or situation to become a victim of crime.
  • Dial 9-1-1 immediately
    Timely reports increase the likelihood that critical evidence will be obtained, stolen property will be recovered and the offender will be successfully prosecuted. This is especially important in cases involving sex offenses. A prompt report to the police will also ensure that you are made aware of all available victim support services.

    • If you observe any suspicious activity
    • To report an emergency
    • To report a criminal act
    • If you are a victim of a crime
  • Use the nearest emergency Blue Light Phone or call box.
    Emergency call boxes are located throughout the campus. Simply push the button, or follow the instructions on the phone, to be in direct contact with University Police. The campus community is encouraged to report all crimes and safety-related incidents to the University Police as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid Walking alone at night.
    Make arrangements to walk in groups and, whenever possible, use the University Shuttle. Hours of operation for the University Shuttle may be obtained by calling (336) 278-5555. If you must travel alone at night, stay on well-lit paths and sidewalks.
  • Keep your room door locked at all times.
    Locking your door with your key, wherever you reside, is an effective way to reduce theft and enhance personal safety. The vast majority of thefts occur from unlocked rooms when the occupant is gone only briefly. Do not prop open exterior doors, and close any doors you find propped open. Propped doors are a high risk and greatly increase chances of your victimization. Do not open your door to someone you do not know.
  • Do not lend your key or key card to anyone.
    Your action could result in both you and/or an innocent victim being referred to the campus judicial system. Report a lost or stolen key to Campus Safety & Police and to Resident Life staff immediately.
  • Report obscene, annoying, or harassing phone calls or email messages immediately.
    Police will investigate, and as patterns develop, they will work closely with the Telephone Company to apprehend offenders. Please print out e-mail if possible.
  • Report all security-related maintenance problems.
    Locks, doors, windows, exterior lights in need of replacement, shrubbery in need of trimming or other unsafe conditions should be reported immediately to the Facilities Management at (336) 278-5500 or submit an issue online. Campus facilities and landscaping are maintained in a manner to minimize hazardous conditions. Any conditions found should be reported.
  • Park your car in a well-lit area and keep it locked.
    Lock all valuables in your trunk. If you have expensive stereo equipment, etc., consider buying an alarm system.
  • Participate in personal safety and security awareness programs.
    The University Police frequently conduct programs that promote crime resistance skills.
  • Be aware of campus crime trends.
    A Police Beat column can be read in the Pendulum. More information on campus crime is available from the Campus Police. Bulletins are issued when the circumstances warrants informing the community of important crime related information.