The first two buildings of The IQ are just the beginning of a visionary plan that fosters not only the convergence of engineering and science but also entrepreneurship, sales, design thinking and analytics. The IQ represents a historic step forward for Elon University and a tremendous commitment to developing future global leaders in science and engineering who create things that matter.

Founders Hall: Focused on Prefabrication & Prototyping

Founders Hall, formerly designated as IQ 1, will be 20,000 square feet and designed as a space for engineering students and faculty to turn ideas into prototypes. This two-story workshop will be a hub for innovation and the backbone of Elon’s engineering curriculum, featuring large and open workspaces. It will include:

  • A working environment where students have access to the most advanced engineering equipment;
  • A design lab for upper-level engineering courses;
  • Advanced prototyping labs;
  • Astrophysics lab;
  • Prefabrication labs outfitted with the tools for students to turn designs into prototypes;
  • Mechatronics and virtual reality labs;
  • A two-story assembly space emphasizing project-based learning and building;
  • Student engagement spaces.

IQ 2: Focused on Discovery & Design

The building designated as IQ 2 will be 40,000 square feet. The three-story facility will be the home for cross-disciplinary studies, equipment and research in biomedicine, computer science, physics and robotics. With IQ One, it will visually connect the Dalton L. McMichael Science Center on one side to Richard W. Sankey Hall and Ernest A. Koury Business Center on the other – solidifying the connection of science to entrepreneurship, sales, design thinking and analytics. It features cutting-edge flexible classroom spaces and undergraduate research laboratories that enhance experiential learning opportunities, including:

  • A biophysics classroom and bioinstrumentation lab;
  • An open lab for core engineering coursework;
  • Senior design lab for physics;
  • Environmental engineering research lab;
  • Physics classrooms/labs;
  • Biomedical and environmental labs;
  • Conferencing area and student engagement spaces;
  • Faculty office suites with collaboration areas on all three floors.