The Innovation Quad is the future home of Elon Engineering and other STEM programs. Bridging multiple fields of study, the IQ will inspire students to apply entrepreneurial thinking, develop innovative designs and seek solutions to complex problems. The first of two planned buildings will be named Founders Hall thanks to a naming commitment from Furman ’56 and Susan Moseley as part of the Elon LEADS Campaign. Learn about available naming opportunities below.

Naming Opportunities

Main Spaces
IQ1 (Founders Hall) NAMED
Innovation Hall $7,500,000
Innovation Plaza $2,500,000
Colonnades $1,000,000
Founders Hall First Floor
Main Assembly Hall $1,000,000
Engineering Design Lab $500,000
Advanced Prototyping $500,000
Engineering Prototype Lab (2) $500,000/each
Engineering Coatings Lab $100,000
Engineering Lab Manager NAMED
3D Printer Portal $100,000
Founders Hall Second Floor
Mechatronics $500,000
Engineering Design Lab $500,000
Virtual Reality Lab $500,000
Collaborative Space $250,000
Astrophysics (2) $150,000/each
Large Quiet Study Spaces (3) – 1 NAMED $100,000/each
Small Quiet Study Spaces (3) – 1 NAMED $50,000/each
Innovation Hall First Floor
Lobby $1,000,000
North Terrace $500,000
Bio-Instrumentation Lab $500,000
Dean’s Suite $500,000
Environmental Engineering Research $500,000
Foundational Engineering Classroom $250,000
Bio-Physics $250,000
Conference Room $250,000
Faculty Office Pods (2) $250,000/each
Dean’s Office $250,000
Student Engagement Spaces (2) $100,000/each
Dean Reception Space $100,000
Faculty Offices (12) $50,000/each
Break Room $50,000
Innovation Hall Second Floor
Material Science Research Lab $1,000,000
Collaborative Space $500,000
Physics Classroom & Lab (2) $500,000/each
Mechanical Engineering Classroom & Lab $500,000
Conference Room NAMED
Faculty Office Pods (2) $250,000/each
Student Engagement Spaces (2) $100,000/each
Faculty Offices (8) $50,000/each
Innovation Hall Third Floor
Biomedical and Environmental Labs (2) $500,000/each
Astronomy Classroom & Lab $250,000
General Physics/Electrodynamics $250,000
Faculty Office Pods (2) $250,000/each
Collaborative Space $250,000
Student Engagement Spaces (2) $100,000/each
Faculty Offices (8) $50,000/each

Contact Us

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