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Administrative Law

  • Code of Federal Regulations The official annual edition of the Code of Federal Regulations publishes the codification of rules and regulations published in the Federal Register. (Free)
  • Federal Register The official daily publication of the rules, proposed rules, notices of Federal agencies and organizations, and executive orders and other presidential documents as published by the Government Printing Office. (Free)
  • Georgetown’s Guide to Administrative Law Describes many important administrative materials and provides links to their online version. (Free)
  • Legal Information Institute Guide to Administrative Law Contains links to federal, state, and other prominent sources of administrative law. (Free)
  • North Carolina Administrative Code The rules and regulations of North Carolina’s administrative agencies. (Free)
  • North Carolina Attorney General Opinions Searchable opinions of the Attorney General of North Carolina. (Free)
  • North Carolina Register The North Carolina Register is published twice a month and contains information relating to agency rulemaking, executive orders, contested case decisions, and other notices required by law. (Free)
  • Search for U.S. Government Regulations from over 300 U.S. agencies. On this website you may also submit a comment, application, petition, or adjudication document. (Free)

Arbitration Law

Banking and Finance Law

Business Law/ Corporations

Constitutional Law


Criminal Law

Elder Law

Employment Law

  • ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law Membership information, top stories from the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) Daily Law Report. (Free)
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics The Bureau of Labor Statistics is responsible for measuring market price changes, working conditions, and activity in the market. Locate statistical information on unemployment, workplace injuries, pay and benefits, inflation and time use. (Free)
  • Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor this website offers help to students, professionals, businesses, and job seekers. (Free)
  • Provides information on over 14,000 federal, state and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions on topics related to disability programs and services. (Free)
  • Official benefits website of the U.S. Government. (Free)
  • Holt Labor Library Provides an on-line catalog and more. (Free)
  • LegalWorkplace HR compliance information by the Alexander Hamilton Institute. (Free)
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration Part of the U.S. Department of Labor. Find regulations, data and statistics related to worker health and safety. (Free)
  • United States Department of Labor Find information related to unemployment insurance, health plans, laws, regulations, and wages. (Free)
  • USAJOBS Official Federal Government Jobs website. (Free)
  • Wirtz Labor Digital Library This digital library includes U.S. Dept. of Labor publications, labor history materials, and more. (Free)

Environmental Law

Government Documents

Administrative Law

  • Code of Federal Regulations The official annual edition of the Code of Federal Regulations publishes the codification of rules and regulations published in the Federal Register. (Free)
  • Federal Register The official daily publication of the rules, proposed rules, notices of Federal agencies and organizations, and executive orders and other presidential documents as published by the Government Printing Office. (Free)
  • Search for U.S. Government Regulations from over 300 U.S. agencies.  On this website you may also submit a comment, application, petition or adjudication document. (Free)


  • General government information covering government jobs, as well as an A-Z list of government agencies. (Free)

General Government Information

Government Statistics

  • Fedstats Find statistics from over 100 U.S. Agencies. (Free)

Legislative History

  • Fedsys Created by the U.S. Government Printing Office.  Browse presidential documents, congressional bills, hearings, debates, reports and public and private laws. (Free)
  • Thomas Official site of the U.S. Congress. (Free)



House of Representatives

White House

  • White House Official site of the White House. (Free)

State websites

North Carolina

Government Statistics

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics The Federal agency responsible for collecting, analyzing and measuring essential economic information. (Free)
  • Fedstats Find statistics from over 100 U.S. Agencies. (Free)

Human Rights Law

Immigration Law

Indian and Tribal Law

Intellectual Property Law

International Law

BNA Sites (subscription based)

  • International Business and Finance Daily Current awareness service providing comprehensive business news coverage and top-level financial reporting from reliable sources in the United States and around the world. (Law)
  • International Environment Daily Current awareness service reporting on developments in environmental, natural resource, and chemicals issues, in all major industrialized and developing nations and in international governmental and nongovernmental organizations. (Law)
  • International Environment Reporter Provides information on international environmental issues. Coverage begins in 1996. (Law)
  • International Tax Monitor Delivers daily news and analysis from the world’s financial and business centers, focused on tax and accounting developments affecting transnational enterprises. (Law)
  • International Trade Daily Covers U.S. and foreign trade policy, with a focus on topics such as export incentives, financing, licensing, foreign investments, limits on imports, import relief, and adjustment assistance. (Law)
  • International Trade Reporter This weekly service provides rapid, reliable notification of the most significant developments affecting U.S. trade and international business policy and the policies of major U.S. trading partners in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia. (Law)
  • Tax Planning International – Asia-Pacific Focus Refer to in-depth articles on tax developments, legislative updates, and tax planning issues in Asia-Pacific countries, as well as essential tax briefings on the region. (Law)
  • Tax Planning International – Corporate Restructuring Provides indepth anaylsis on issues related to mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, securitisation, debt and foreign investment. (Law)
  • Tax Planning International – European Tax Service Anaylsis of EU tax legislation and its implementation within member states with this essential briefing service on European tax developments. (Law)
  • Tax Planning International – Indirect Taxes Monitors and anaylses indirect taxes througout the world.
  • Tax Planning International Review Provides in depth analysid of cross-border tax issues. (Law)
  • World Climate Change Report A continuously updated multimedia site providing up-to-the-minute, comprehensive information on climate change and alternative energy legislation, regulations, policy, legal developments, and trends. (Law)
  • World Communications Regulation Report Provides information on international regulation of communication devices and services. (Law)
  • World Intellectual Property Report Provides monthly news anaylsis of developments in regualtion and enforcement worldwide. (Law)
  • World Securities Law Report Provides monthly news of developments in the regulation of transactions involving securities around the world. (Law)
  • WTO Reporter Daily news publication providing coverage of the activities of the WTO. (Law)

General International Resources

  • ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law AISIL’s ERG is designed to be used by students, teachers, practitioners and researchers as a self-guided tour of relevant, quality, up-to-date online resources covering important areas of international law. (Free)
  • EISIL Electronic Information System for International Law EISIL is a free online database that organizes and provides links to, and useful information on, web resources from the full spectrum of international law. EISIL is arranged by subject. (Free)
  • European Central Bank Find information on the European Central Bank. (Free)
  • European Corporate Governance Institute We provide a forum for debate and dialogue between academics, legislators and practitioners, focusing on major corporate governance issues and thereby promoting best practice. (Free)
  • European Parliament: (Free)
  • Foreign Relations of the United States Foreign Relations of the U.S. (1862-1960) is the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions. This link will take you to the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center which, in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago Libraries, is working on making the entire series available electronically. (Free)
  • GlobaLex GlobaLex is an electronic legal publication dedicated to international and foreign law research. Published by the Hauser Global Law School Program at NYU School of Law, GlobaLex is committed to the dissemination of high-level international, foreign, and comparative law research tools in order to accommodate the needs of an increasingly global educational and practicing legal world. (Free)
  • International Court of Justice (ICJ) Otherwise known as the “World Court,” it is the judicial court of the United Nations. (Free)
  • INTERPOL Official website of the International Criminal Police Organization which facilitates international police cooperation. (Free)
  • INTERPOL Washington Official U.S. representative to INTERPOL. (Free)
  • LLRX This website features guides to doing legal research on a wide variety of topics including international law. It includes annotated subject specific research guides, both paper and online sources. These guides include links to relevant index sites and both free and subscription databases. (Free)
  • Max Plank Institute for Copmparative and International Law (Free)
  • The Middle East Partnership Initiative State Department website which provides general information about the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative. Includes a link to the MEPI library with over 250 training resources. (Free)
  • UN Audiovisual Library of International Law A website from the UN Office of Legal Affairs, devided into three main parts: archives, lecture series and research center. This website is still under development. (Free)
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Locate economic analysis & Data Services, program evaluations, and technical and program documentation funded by the USAID (over 155,000 documents available). (Free)


  • International Humanitarian Law Database This site sponsored by the International Committer of the Red Cross includes treaties and other basic documents. It can be searched by topic, date or member states. (Free)
  • Investment Treaty Database This database, sponsored by UNCTAD, provides data on bilateral investment treaties and double taxation treaties. (Free)
  • Bilateral Investment Treaties ICSID sponsors this database which contains their collection of the texts of bilateral investment treaties dating back to the 1970’s. They can be accessed by state, title or date. (Free)
  • Tax Treaties US Treasury Dept. Sponsors this sie with BDF coies of the tax treateis to which the US is a party. Primarily pending senate treaty action. Accessable by date or state. (Free)
  • Hague Conference on Private International Law Collection of the Hague Conferences related to Private International Law. (Free)

Juvenile Law

Legislative History

Professional Responsibility


  • Rural Urban Continuum Codes A classification scheme that distinguishes metropolitan counties by size and nonmetropolitan counties by degree of urbanization and proximity to metro areas composed by the USDA Economic Research Service. (Free)
  • ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information The official website of the U.S. Post Office provides users with zip code and address information. (Free)