Below are examples of a Leadership Prize application:

Toward an Abolitionist Environmental and Place-Based Education: Applying Research to Practice

The Value of Authenticity in Comprehensive Sex Education: Understanding the Role Authenticity Plays in the Wise Guys Educators Delivery of the Curriculum

Rewriting Injustice in Alamance County: Fostering Youth Agency and Community Engagement Through Social Justice Writing

Developing and Sustaining a School Garden Collective in Alamance County

Hospital to School-Transitions for Children with Special Healthcare Needs

Looking Beyond the Classroom: Responding to Educator Needs in Linguistically Diverse Schools

The Deportation Threat and Its Health Impact on Hispanic Immigrant College Students

Creating an Accepting and Empowering Environment for LGBTQ Students at Elon University in the Wake of House Bill 2

Responding to Male Depression on College Campuses

Mentorship as A Means of Female Empowerment: A Resolution to Lessen Gender Inequality on College Campuses

Facilitating Sexual and Reproductive Health Discussions between
Health Care Providers and Adolescents

Active Bystander Intervention as a Means of Reducing Sexual Assault on Campus

Producing Diversity: Transforming the Image of African Americans in Television Programming