Leadership Prize Recipients

2018 Cohort (graduating 2019)

David Duncan

  • Major:  Psychology
  • Prize Topic/Project:  The Deportation Threat and Its Health Impact on Hispanic Immigrant College Students
  • Mentor:  Carmen Monico

Sarra Eddahiri

  • Major:  Public Health Studies
  • Prize Topic/Project:  Increasing Mental Health Awareness among College-Age Students in Post-Revolution Tunisia: A Social Intervention
  • Mentor:  Katherine Johnson

Courtney Kobos

  • Major:  English
  • Prize Topic/Project:  Looking Beyond the Classroom: Responding to Educator Needs in Linguistically Diverse Schools
  • Mentor:  Jennifer Eidum

2017 Cohort (graduating 2018)

Perry Elyaderani

  • Major:  Journalism
  • Prize Topic/Project:  Responding to Male Depression on College Campuses
  • Mentor: Alexis Franzese

Surya Shahi

  • Major:  Theatre Arts in Acting
  • Prize Topic/Project:  Making higher education accessible to students in Humla, Nepal through Sapura Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization that acts as a platform for marginalized students to gain access to resources via sponsorship, grants, donors, fundraising, mentorship and advocacy.
  • Mentors:  Jason Aryeh, Mussa Idris

Monique Swirsky

  • Major:  Environmental Studies
  • Prize Topic/Project:  Creating an Accepting and Empowering Environment for LGBTQ Students at Elon University in the Wake of House Bill 2
  • Mentor:  Rodney Parks

2016 Cohort (graduating 2017)

Josephine Gardner

  • Major:  Public Health Studies
  • Prize Topic/Project:  Improving Aid Effectiveness to Africa: A Culturally- informed, Skills-based Non-Governmental Organization to Empower Homeless Women in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Mentors:  Heidi Frontani, Mussa Idris

Rebecca Nipper

  • Major:  Drama & Theatre Studies
  • Prize Topic/Project:  Mentorship as A Means of Female Empowerment: A Resolution to Lessen Gender Inequality on College Campuses
  • Mentors:  Kristen Ringleberg, Stephen Bloch-Schulman

2015 Cohort (graduating 2016)

Jenna Nelson

  • Major:  Public Health Studies
  • Prize Topic/Project:  Facilitating Sexual and Reproductive Health Discussions between Health Care Providers and Adolescents
  • Mentor:  Cynthia Fair

Tony Weaver

  • Major:  Theatre Arts in Acting
  • Prize Topic/Project:  Producing Diversity: Transforming the Image of African Americans in Television Programming
  • Mentor:  Naeemah Clark

Rachel Weeks

  • Major:  English
  • Prize Topic/Project:  Active Bystander Intervention as a Means of Reducing Sexual Assault on Campus
  • Mentor:  Paula N. Patch