Weekly Opportunities

  • Numen Lumen – Music and personal reflections, Thursdays at 9:50am in Sacred Space (NLP)
  • Iron Tree Blooming – Meditation Club on Thursdays at 4:15pm in McBride (NLP)
  • Yoga – Mondays and Wednesday 12:30-1:15pm in Campus Recreation Studio 6
  • QiGong – Wednesdays 5:15pm at Elon Community Church

Contemplative Pedagogy Faculty Group

This working group supports faculty Mindfulness and the incorporation of Contemplative Pedagogy within new and existing courses and academic offerings. The group has been active at Elon University since 2011, and several Elon faculty members have attended and presented at multiple conferences for Contemplative Pedagogy, including annual conferences of the Association for the Contemplative Mind in Higher Education (ACMHE) and the yearly Creating a Mindful Campus conference at UNC-Asheville. Contact Alexis Franzese for more information.

Mindfulness Employee Resource Group

The new science of performance. The power of mindfulness is to improve self-regulation, to enhance social relationships in the workplace, make employees more resilient in the face of challenges, and increase task performance. Overall to improve your wellbeing. Contact Jennifer Smith.

Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning

CATL has worked closely with the Contemplative Pedagogy Group to support faculty attending conferences and trainings in contemplative practices in higher education. In 2013, Elon received a Contemplative Mind Teaching and Learning Grant submitted by Professors Resa Walch and Peter Felten, and in 2014, Felten presented the keynote address at the ACMHE accunal conference, “Toward mindful assessments: Inquiry in and as practice.”

Faculty/Staff Health and Wellness Clinic

Health and Wellness offers programs and workshops throughout the year to support Mindfulness and holistic well-being for faculty and staff. These include weekly classes for Yoga, QiGong, Pilates, and more, as well as special events and programs. Contact Kathy Harrison for more information.

Religious and Spiritual Life

The chaplains recognize the importance of Mindful awareness and compassion for spiritual life and holistic well-being for all Elon University community members (religious and non-religious). Numen Lumen Pavilion has a meditation garden and spaces for meditation and prayer, and there is a labyrinth beside Holt Chapel for walking meditation.

  • Truitt Center for Religious & Spiritual Life website
  • Sand Mandala – October 23-25 in Sacred Space, Numen Lumen Pavilion
  • Retreats – Mindfulness and Zen retreats offered each semester. Contact Joel Harter for more information.
  • Contemplative Practices – Events and programs that explore mindful practices from diverse traditions and that encourage interfaith engagement. Contact Shane Atkinson for more information.