Chapel service offers reflection as war begins

Prayers and songs for all those affected by war were offered during Elon's weekly College Chapel service Thursday morning, March 20 in Whitley Auditorium. Details...

Chaplain Richard McBride opened the service, noting, “We have come to the awful moment which comes all too often in our world, when nations are at war.” The chapel service began about 12 hours after the first military strikes were launched on Iraq Wednesday night.

McBride also said the Elon community embraces and encompasses many viewpoints on the war in Iraq. “We do not all bring the same perspective,” he said. “We should accept that, and realize that we come from different places and have different concerns.”

Prayers, poems and songs were offered by Father John Ruffo of Campus Catholic ministry; Ray Crompton of Elon’s Intervarsity ministry; Rev. Dian Jackson, associate minister at Elon Community Church; and Rev. Steve Johnson of the United Church of Christ’s national staff.