Engineering students accepted at top schools

Several students in Elon’s dual degree engineering program will soon continue their education at some of the nation’s top engineering schools.

Ashley Davis will transfer from Elon to Washington University in St. Louis this fall. Davis will receive one of two Brown Fellowship awards at WU. The Brown Fellowship is a major award which covers all tuition costs. It also provides a stipend for Davis’ two remaining undergraduate years, and can be extended to cover graduate studies at WU. Davis will be the first student from Elon’s engineering program to attend Washington University.

Estee Amana has become the first engineering student from Elon’s program to earn admission to Georgia Tech. She will transfer in the fall. Georgia Tech required Amana to maintain a 3.5 GPA for admission, a standard that is “a very high hurdle,” says Rich D’Amato, director of Elon’s dual degree engineering program.

In addition to these students, four juniors will continue their engineering degrees at N.C. State University and one other will study at Virginia Tech.

In Elon’s dual-degree engineering program, students spend their first three years at Elon and their final two years at an engineering school. Elon partners with the engineering schools at North Carolina State University, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Columbia University, Washington University in St. Louis and North Carolina A&T State University to offer the program. Students in the program earn bachelor’s degrees from Elon and one of the partner schools.