Das, DeLoach research on grooming featured in Bloomberg News

Tina Das and Steve DeLoach in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business had their economic research featured in an Oct. 3, 2007, column by Matthew Lynn with Bloomberg News. The two professors discovered a link between the amount of time someone spends on appearance and how it impacts their wages.

Tina Das (left) and Steve DeLoach were featured by Bloomberg news for their research on the link between how much time someone spends grooming and what they earn on the job.
According to the Bloomberg column:

“Extra time spent grooming has a positive and significanteffect on both men’s and women’s earnings, but the effect isconsiderably larger for men,” (Das and DeLoach) said in a paper called`”Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Effect of Time Spent Groomingon Wages.” “For men, every extra 10 minutes daily groomingincreases their weekly wages by 6 percent. However, women wouldhave to nearly quadruple their daily grooming time to receivethat much in additional wages.”