Vandermaas-Peeler publishes chapter on numeracy development

Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, professor of Psychology, has published a chapter on Parental guidance of numeracy development in early childhood, in an edited volume entitled Contemporary Perspectives on Mathematics in Early Childhood Education.

The chapters in this book provide a critical analysis of research on young children’s learning of mathematics in social contexts. Vandermaas-Peeler’s chapter is an examination of parent-child interactions during play, and a review of the extent research on parent-child activities that support preschoolers’ emergent numeracy.

The findings indicated that parents supported numeracy-related concepts in free play and in structured activities, and that parental support and teaching related to math activities at home has been linked to children’s achievement in school. She concludes that a greater emphasis and focus on parent-child interactions related to numeracy at home is needed in both research and practice. The book is in press (Information Age Publishing, 2008).