Phantom of the Opera Cast List announced

Phantom of the Opera Cast List,
Winterterm 2008

Phantom – Matt Shingledecker
Raoul – Steven Baker
U/S – Kevin Manship
Christine – Katie Emerson
U/S – Erin Burniston
Madame Giry –
Courtney Markowitz
Carlotta – Carly Casey
U/S – Alexa Wildish
Meg Giry – Anna Kimmell
Firmin – Chris Wood
Andre – Jeff Ostermueller
Piangi – Ian Subsara
U/S – Spencer Blalock
Reyer – Dan Gibson
Buquet – Mike Sherry
Lefevre/Ensemble –
Kevin Manship

Dance Ensemble – Erin Burniston
Chelsey Clark
Matthew Glover
Kris Hazard
Chandon Jones
Julianne Katz
Ashlea Potts
Taylor Quilty
Sunny Smith
Johnny Stellard

Ensemble/Carlotta’s Maid –
Barrett Weed
Ensemble/Nurse – Jess Elovsson
Ensemble/Confidante –
Keely Scarlata
Ensemble/Auctioneer –
Richard McNulty
Ensemble/Porter –
Eric Mann
Ensemble/Porter – Chris Staskel
Ensemble/Porter – Max Korn
Ensemble/Raoul Man Servant –
Mike Miller
Ensemble/Christine’s Father –
Roy San Filipo
Ensemble/1st Fop –
Spencer Blalock
Ensemble/2nd Fop – John Yi
Ensemble/Passarino – Tal Fish

Ensemble – Sabrina Bradley
Christina Caravella
Lindsay Gautier
Matt Masten
Jordan Mericle
Brooke Morrison
Emily Rice
Natalie Stephens
Katie Walters
Alexa Wildish
Justin Wooten

Thank you – everyone!

Your auditions were magnificent and that made our process fun but very difficult. Please feel free to come and speak with me about your audition. If you didn’t get cast, please don’t be discouraged. We really hope that you will be interested in working on one of the crews!

Rehearsal starts Thursday, Jan. 4th
in the BIG DANCE Studio at 9:00am

Any Questions? Please contact your Stage Manager, Lauren Juengel