Law students receive academic awards during reception

Winners of the 2007 spring semester book awards, presented to students with the highest comprehensive performance in each subject area, posed with their professors during afternoon tea, Nov. 29.
Ten Elon University School of Law students received book awards for outstanding academic achievement during the spring 2007 semester at the law school’s afternoon tea, held Thursday, Nov. 29.

The books were donated by legal publishers Aspen, Lexus Nexus and West Group, and include a bookplate with the students’ name and the name of the award.

Law schools traditionally give book awards for the highest grade on the end of semester exam in a course. Scoring highest on the semester exam is known in law school circles as “booking” a course, because of the tradition of presenting books to the highest scorers.

Elon Law faculty took comprehensive class performance into account for these awards, isntead of making awards based on one grade.

The strongest comprehensive performance award winners by subject area for spring 2007 are listed below:

Legal Skills (Professional Responsibility)
Michael Kelly

Legal Skills (Professional Writing)
Lauren Reeves

Property II
Ryan Stewart
Jonathan Aaron Bennett

Torts II
Melanie Crenshaw
Maximillian Armfield

Criminal Law
Megan Silver
Steven Luke Spencer

Contracts II
Norman Leonard
Lindsey Deguerre

One Thursday each month, the law school hosts afternoon tea and invites local attorneys, judges, preceptors and friends of the school to visit with students and faculty in a relaxed atmosphere. Superior Court Judge Stuart Albright visited as Judge of the Month, and Judge Donna Stroud and Judge John Tyson from the N.C. Court of Appeals, who spoke to the Federalist Society and Elon Law Republicans earlier Thursday, also participated.