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Emerging futures is focus of Winter Term 2008

About 45 classes during January 2008 will relate to this year's Winter Term theme, "Emerging Futures: Foresight for Global Good." This is the eighth year that Elon has offered a special group of Winter Term courses united by a common theme. Details…

The “Emerging Futures” theme considers issues related to today’s age of accelerating change. Many courses will encourage students to contemplate possible futures, assess probable futures and define best future practices from a wide variety of perspectives.

Courses will examine regional issues across political, economic and social groups. They will examine the roles of men, women, films, communications and literature. They will explore climate change, cloning, religion, politics, sustainable business practices, healthcare, volunteerism, the voices of war and those of peace. They will look at the potential future impact of decisions made to serve economic interests in a global society. They will also study the humanity that unites us and the cultural differences that, without understanding, may divide us.

In addition, many study abroad courses will also contribute to the global futures perspective of the Winter Term 2008 session.

On Jan. 22-23, faculty and students will participate in The Emerging Futures Forum, a summit-style discussion of the key themes tied to their areas of study. Four different groupings of courses will be organized at the forum around these emerging-futures topics: the environment; global issues; politics, war and social justice; and literature and film.

Some examples of courses related to the Emerging Futures theme include the following:

The future of cloning and gene therapy
Biology of climate change: impact and solutions
Biology for the benefit of tomorrow
Business and sustainability   
Writing the future: the vision of science fiction
War and conflict: past present and future   
Women and global leadership
The future: beyond your wildest dreams
Health care strategies for the 21st century
Work and society in a globally networked age
Sustainable development in a global economy
Global health disparities
Communications in a global society
The coming great change