Anderson speaks on “Race and Politics In the 2008 Presidential Campaign”

Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson, an associate professor of political science, spoke to the Wednesday Morning Breakfast Group of the Holy Comforter Episcopal Church of Burlington on April 16 about the issue of “race” as it is being discussed and addressed in the 2008 Presidential Campaign. 

Focusing on Senator Barack Obama’s recent speech on race and its legacy in America — and the controversial remarks of UCC minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright — Anderson discussed how Senator Obama used the controversy generated by Rev. Wright to urge Americans to reflect personally on the many ways “race” still impacts American society — especially the effects of the continuing economic gap and social separation between racial groups. The concept of “decardio racism” was discussed — and why this form of racism is so difficult to counter.

Anderson distributed to the members of the Breakfast Group the draft of an online essay he is finishing for a future video podcast on the topic, available at: