Elon students honored at Washington University

Two Elon students completing their dual-degree program at Washington University in St. Louis – a partner school for engineering majors – both received top honors this spring for superior academic achievement among their peers in Missouri.

Nathan Shemonski and Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis received the David H. Levy Outstanding Senior Award, which goes to the graduating senior at Washington University with the highest grade point average in the electrical and systems engineering department.

Nathan Shemonski received the Russell R. Pfeiffer Outstanding Junior Award for maintaining the highest grade point average in his class.

Both students are the first ever from Elon to enroll at Washington for the completion of their engineering degrees. Davis and Shemonski received a certificate, plaque and money with the awards.

“We just wanted to let you know that Elon is pulling ahead of the pack at Wash U.,” Davis wrote in an email to Rich D’Amato, an associate professor of engineering at Elon.

D’Amato said the recent honors have bolstered Elon’s reputation at one of the premiere engineering schools in the Midwest. “They know us now for sure!” he said. “These are exceptional students any way you look at it.”

About the engineering program at Elon:

“With Elon’s dual-degree engineering program, students earn two degrees: a bachelor’s degree in one of six concentrations from Elon and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from an engineering school. Students spend the first three years at Elon and about two more years at an engineering school in the program.”

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