Three more schools partner with Elon engineering program

Elon University has formalized partnerships with three distinguished engineering schools as part of the dual-degree engineering program here.

The most recent additions to the schools with direct ties to Elon: Notre Dame, Penn State and the University of South Carolina.

“We’re looking for quality institutions for students to attend their junior and senior years,” said associate professor Rich D’Amato in Elon’s engineering program. “By partnering with Notre Dame we’re adding options for students from the Midwest, Penn State (one of the top ten engineering schools in the country) for those in the Northeast, and South Carolina is convenient and nearby.”

The university has long-established agreements with North Carolina State University, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Columbia University, Washington University in St. Louis and North Carolina A&T State University.

About the engineering program at Elon:

“With Elon’s dual-degree engineering program, students earn two degrees: a bachelor’s degree in one of six concentrations from Elon and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from an engineering school. Students spend the first three years at Elon and about two more years at an engineering school in the program.”

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