Entrepreneurship Club launched for Elon students

Student Entrepreneurial Enterprise Development (SEED), one of Elon University's newest student organizations, held an inaugural interest meeting Feb. 24 with more than 70 students attending to share their interests in developing creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills. SEED is open to Elon students from all areas of study.

The organization’s mission is to promote lasting relationships and opportunities between students, alumni and friends of Elon University through the creation of a student-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem. The organization will develop and promote experiential learning opportunities and activities in addition to networking with highly successful entrepreneurs.

“The passion and excitement of the students at the meeting was contagious. Active student leadership in this club is a key factor to developing an entrepreneurial culture across campus,” said Gary Palin, executive director of the Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Activities SEED is currently planning to host in coordination with the Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership includes the following list:

Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour: The tour brings the nation’s top young entrepreneurs to college campuses to spread the entrepreneurial mindset during a half-day conference.

Elon Innovation Challenge:
The challenge is held in coordination with the Stanford Global Innovation Tournament. This creativity competition encourages teams to “add value” using an everyday object. A university division will be held in the fall semester with a high school division taking place in the spring semester.

Venture Day:
  Alumni, students and friends of Elon will submit their business plans for review. A selection process will be developed with advancing plans being presented to a group of angel investors.

For further information contact Summer Curtiss at scurtiss@elon.edu .